Virginia Raffaele has invoked satan in his sketch in Sanremo 2019? It flares up controversy


Published on Feb 13, 2019


Finished Sanremo 2019 and the controversy about the winners and the juries, on the web, started a new disturbing trend of accusations aimed at the production of the Festival of Claudio Baglioni. Finger-pointing on the songs? On the scene? On the compensation? No, far from it. In an incredible article critique, an exorcist – that don Aldo Buonaiuto – accused Virginia Raffaele to summon satan in the course of one of his sketches. A dispute rather absurd that he found even the support of the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini...

The accusation of this priest and exorcist in the Italian part by a critical article published on the website, which the curé says that Virginia Raffaele would have spelled out the name Satan five times disguising the invocation by emitting sounds in a falsetto.

The sketch of which you speak, don Aldo Bonaiuto is that of the gramophone ramshackle aired in the course of the third evening of the Sanremo Festival, 2019: a scene in which Virginia Raffaele gave a voice to a gramophone operated with a crank by Claudio Bisio.

Accusation is credible or not, the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini sling in full in this controversy social sharing on its web profiles, the article scandal of a priest in the exorcist. And also added his personal comment: “I Understand and I share the concerns expressed by fr Aldo Buonaiuto. One should not underestimate the problem of the seven satanic and need to rely on experts to help us combat it. It is a worrying phenomenon, apparently far from the everyday experience, yet much more close and more frequent than you think”.

What is certain is to say that comparing a comedy sketch on the phenomenon of satanic sects there goes the water under the bridge. Also, as you can see from the video that we offer here at the top, the gag of Virginia Raffaele is made: in the sketch, in fact, the comedienne takes over all those catchphrases that they know needlessly worry the web (including listening to on the contrary of songs and speeches spoken).

We are sure, in fact, that our deputy prime minister with the delegation of the minister for the Interior surely has more important things which inform the italians.

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