Violent quarrel Sossio-Teresanna. The Apulian attack: “you're a dog”, 'aruta responds: “the Dog which is with you”


Published on Apr 01, 2020


Fly rags, and not only in the house of Big Brother VIP 4, even if it is only one week to the final. Tempers rise and fights are the order of the day. A few hours ago, once again, the protagonists of a fight that we would have willingly spared, were Sossio'aruta and Teresanna Pugliese that if they are called of each raising the tones and insulting each other heavily, coming to involve people not present ( which is never pleasant, either from one side or the other).

It all started from a imitation that Marx made of Teresanna, which, as it seems the girl is not at all pleasing. Between the two, in reality, there is bad blood in a long time, and this well-we all know it, but we would not have thought that it comes down to insults and offenses so heavy, for a discussion of this kind. And instead in the house, anything goes, and the nerves are tense, now more than ever.

Teresanna has pointed out that Marx throughout the day, avoid talking with her as with other people, not salutes, and makes the cabbage that they like and like...Sossio then gave his reasons. He explained that it can't have feeling with the person who gives the ignorant, who do not find pleasure in the conversation, and it is to this then that decided to move away limiting themselves to “good morning and good evening”.

But then the situation degenerated when Marx decided not to eat what Teresanna had cooked. The former tronista there has seen more and exploded. “I with you in the beginning, I played, then I saw that you're a dog and that does not consider the people“.

These words of Teresanna have angered Marx who responded to tone.

Sparks fly between Marx and Teresanna 😱🔥#GFVIP

As you can see then in the video, Marx said that “the dog will be the person with whom you are Teresanna” and the start of then the offenses, even the Pugliese has directed the same insults to poor Ursula, who certainly do not there was nothing ( as anything it came in the husband of Teresanna).

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