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Published on Aug 04, 2019


The great protagonist of the latest episode of Vinland Saga, here you can find my review, is Thors, a strong fighter and skilled with a carat of moral immense, thanks to which the final image that results is very similar to the mythological figures of ancient legends. Let's discover briefly what makes it so great is the character of Thors.

Before you read, however, I wish to emphasize that in this review there will be some spoilers are very important on the bet, so I advise you to not continue reading, if you have not yet seen the episode in question.

The work of Makoto Yukimura is cared for to the smallest detail, including the characterization of the psychology of the characters which animate it, as it demonstrates precisely the most recent episode of the anime of Vinland Saga.

The Troll of Jom has been the great protagonist of this epic story for four episodes, but his parable is unfortunately already finished, but a character like him deserved to die a hero, and it was just so that Thors has been able to reach Valhalla.

Thors is not only a formidable fighter and a fugitive: he knew perfectly from the very beginning that the mercenaries arrived at there to kill him they would never let you go unharmed him, his son and his companions, for which he was ready to fight. In the scenes that depict the battle, Thors is shown as a sort of superhuman being, which is precisely the epithet “Troll,” a creature that manages to outshine anyone even with his bare hands. But then, what is pushing to put at risk his life and that of his fellow travelers in search of a mysterious legendary? Of course, what drives him is the desire to spend a peaceful life in a place where the boy can grow strong, healthy and, above all, safe from violent and bloody world of the Vikings.

Strength and love are both space in the body and in the soul of this extraordinary character, which surrounds you even more of an aura of salvation and the almost divine in this last episode of Vinlad Saga: after the battle with the Crown, Thors, decides not to kill him, as, indeed, he did not kill anyone else, although it seems that, instead, has made a carnage, but asks in return, peacefully, to go away with his men. From this moment forward, you will trigger a chain reaction that will lead to a single outcome...

Killed can not let go of the fugitive, the head of which was also paid handsomely, otherwise the head that will fall will be his. So, in a last and coraggiosissimo act of altruism, Thors, chooses voluntarily to the death, addressed, among other things, with a coldness and a detachment such that the man shows no signs of slowing even after being pierced by the arrows scagliategli against the archers enemies, not to mention that giving information on the person that is to be given its head as proof of his death.

But why Thors doing this? Because, despite having won the duel against the Crown, was killed so brutally? Because you are not defended? These are the questions his son Thorfinn, a child too small to understand such a gesture: if Thors had not chosen to die, Killed you would not be limited to hunt him, but he could also kill his other loved ones, but since the objective of the Crown is only the head of Thors, life is the best way to protect the lives of all the others.

This also explains why it doesn't meet with resistance even when, despite having won the duel, is shot. Killed is a mercenary paid to kill him, yet Thors, treated him as if he were a noble knight, and has not even killed any of his men, as he discovers in the following: its ideals and principles are immovable and, in perfect consistency with them, choose to repudiate the murder, even if it cost you your life. But now, that old life, has already abandoned a long time.

Thors died, keeping faith with his ideals, while also protecting the people that he loved, and with a clean conscience, because, in spite of having suffered a terrible injustice, he preferred to suffer it passively, rather than evaluate them in turn: in this, I could not help but think that the Thors, you remind me a lot the Greek philosopher Socrates, who, when he was condemned to death unjustly, chose not to flee while he had the opportunity, strong words: “Better to suffer an injustice rather than do it” (to tell the truth, it is impossible to determine what were the textual words spoken by Socrates, since you have not left anything written, and everything that we know about him we know through testimonies and chronicles of his contemporaries, the most distinguished among whom was his disciple Plato).

Thors was a burly man, with the physique from a thousand battles, a very tall and wiry, regarded as one of the strongest warriors among the Vikings, but he was also a man of good heart, with ideal balances and ready to do anything to protect his family and people he loves, who consider it as a guide wise and right. All of these characteristics reminded me of a character that I personally love very much: Edward Newgate better known as Whitebeard, one of the Four Emperors of the Seas, now deceased, together with the Captain of his Second Fleet, Portgas D. Ace, War at the top of Marineford; the work to which I refer is One Piece, the manga written and illustrated by the great Master Eiichirō Oda.

But that almost seems an explicit reference to Whitebeard is the most of all the way that Thors will lose his life: though he was pierced by numerous arrows, the Troll of Jom spoke with his men to give them instructions on how to treat his corpse, which must be beheaded so that its head can be delivered as irrefutable proof of his death, and dies in the feet, embraced his son, the small Year in, in tears. Well, even Whitebeard makes a speech shortly before his death, and, in spite of the terrible wounds, he, too, dies while standing.

In addition, the courage shown by this man demonstrates how far he could be from the concept of cowardice, the guilt of which the mercenaries on his trail believed you were spotted because of his choice to abandon that life of death and violence.

Below, you can find the description of the death of Whitebeard from the manga One Piece...

“When, at the age of 72 years and during his last, and yet another battle, Whitebeard exhaled his last breath, his body collapsed to the ground, but stood motionless and erect on its own legs.

Even after his death, his figure remained standing, and continued to put fear and anguish to his enemies.

In the course of his countless fights, Whitebeard has undergone 267 wounds by the weapon by cutting, 152 gunshot wounds, was also hit by 46 cannon balls... and Yet, for all his long life as a pirate, his back was never violated by a single act of cowardice“.

...and, finally, here is a visual comparison between the death of Thors and one of Whitebeard:

Vinland Saga is an anime produced by Wit Studio based on the manga same name written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura.

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