Vinland Saga Makoto Yukimura started the final bow of the manga


Published on Nov 10, 2019


Through Twitter Makoto Yukimura has announced that it has begun to draw the fourth and final story arc of her Vinland Saga, which will follow then the previous sagas of the War, Slavery, and the Shipping of the East.

In the post he said that the final part of the manga will be composed of over 50 chapters long and more than a thousand pages, for a job that will take several years.



— 幸村誠 (@makotoyukimura) November 10, 2019

In Italy, the manga, published in Japan on the pages of the magazine Afternoon of Kodansha (22 volumes at the moment), is in course of publication for Edizioni Star Comics (21 volumes):

In the Europe of the Eleventh Century the Vikings are one of the powers which take into account the ships from the bow in the shape of a dragon pillaged the continent far and wide! Firmly at the head of the troops norrene that dominate the England, the young Cnut is ready to do anything to achieve their dream and accomplish their plans.

The animated series, aired in Japan from July 2019, and is diffused in exclusive streaming on Amazon Prime Video:

Towards the end of the millennium, the Vikings, the tribe more powerful, but more terrible, were the rage everywhere. The son of the most valorous warrior, Thorfinn, he lived his youth on the field of battle while trying to the fantastic land called Vinland. This is the story of a true warrior in an age of turbulence.

Vinland Saga Makoto Yukimura started the final bow of the manga is




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