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Published on Dec 19, 2019


This first season of the anime of Vinland Saga is headed toward its conclusion, which was more than plausible that you came finally to the much awaited duel of the Year against Crown. Will be able, finally, Thorfinn and avenge the death of his father?


As we sadly could see in the previous episode, despite the serious injuries in the brawl to protect the prince, Canute, Bjorn has decided to challenge, however, in combat, Killed, proving this to be very similar to the same Year.

Both, in fact, throw themselves headlong into a fight which will almost certainly not be able to come out as winners, both for the great experience on the field of battle Killed and for the fact that all and two are seriously injured.

Bjorn would have nothing against his Commander, if it weren't for the words of hatred of the Vikings, who had spoken some time ago, and it is w ith this that he decides to temporarily stop the meeting with Thorfinn for intromettervisi and challenge Given to the first son of Thors.

The outcome of this battle was the most obvious, but they are words of Given to wonder, in the moment in which he confesses to Bjorn, who is his only friend.

But as ever Given to hate the Vikings? Really it is only because of his lineage, which binds him from his mother's side to Artorius, or perhaps is there something else?


PAskeladd is a man who, after all, proved to be very correct in the respect of his men, for which he decides to fulfil the request of the battle of Bjorn, but he hesitates with Thorfinn.

The relationship between the two is at least ambiguous, and it would seem that Given you still want to mentor a young boy who purports to want to kill, but ultimately he never does, not to mention that in war the agility and recklessness of the Year are definitely very useful.

In short, if the Crown takes seriously the request of the fight for Bjorn, and he hesitates with the Year because the first is a man, proud and well aware of what he wants and their abilities, while the second is just a guy devoured by hatred and anger that she still has much to learn.

That said, after managing to avoid the swing of the Year with an ease to the guy embarrassing, Killed decides to tell his young opponent a story. Its history. In so doing, Killed himself to the same Year as to kill a person who hates.

The story that follows is emotionally engaging and visually raw, but I will not reveal in detail what it is, as is my habit, in order not to spoil the view of those who are reading this review before having seen the episode in question.

But I can tell you about the “moral of the story”: when you have an ambitious goal such as the killing of someone who is much more strong, the best choice is to grow up under his wing for a bit, they should also be required of years, until the time when you will be ready to have their revenge.

Looking at the images in which are depicted the childhood and early youth Killed, you can see how, despite the appearance of his story and that of the same Year are very different, they actually have some traits in common...

Both hatch a grudge for someone who, directly or indirectly, has hurt them and took away something; both are very young when this happens; both clamouring for revenge; both grow under the protective wing of those who actually want to kill you.

But there is a substantial difference between the two: while the Year, although knowing they will not be able to defeat Killed, he decides to throw himself headlong into battle over and over again, beginning from the moment immediately following the murder of his father, the Crown has always been well aware of its limits, since very young, and has wisely waited for the opportune moment to claim his revenge, after many years from the event that triggered his hatred.

The entire first season of Vinland Saga is distributed here by us in Italy by Amazon Prime Video. The new episodes will be available starting from Monday.

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