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Published on Dec 03, 2019


Great, great protagonist of the most recent bet of the anime of Vinland Saga is the prince, Canute, drastically changed after an epiphany is reached a short time before.


Canute, as we could see in the previous episode, has succeeded in the unlikely enterprise to move from your part of Canute, the man who wanted to abduct him to blackmail her father, the king of the Danes, after having said, with a contemptuous courage that, in so doing, it would not have gotten anything.

Since, in fact, the king wants Canute dies, perhaps by the hand of some Viking dissident for not getting their hands dirty in order to make his sole heir his eldest son, asking for a ransom for the release of Canute would not have had any effect.

But when the young blond prince proposes to Thorkell and his men to march with him to overthrow the throne, the mighty Viking could not refuse to accompany him in the probable massacre, a lover as it is of battles!

In the episode, you will see what smart way is Canute that the far more smart Crown will be able to manage in a situation somewhat thorny and complex. But there is more to it.

The king of the Danes gives his personal interpretation of what it means to be a king: according to his words, the crown, which he carries on his head with a will of its own, and that the crown does not in any way be worn by Canute.

In short, therefore, the father of the prince admits to be a slave to his power, and it will be his weak point will be exploited by his younger son against him...


The point of View of Canute on the matter is very different: its aim is, as we already know, to create the Paradise on Earth, in response to the total absence of a God who merely contemplates from above, what happens here on earth without lifting a finger.

The anger of Canute to this attitude so detached what should be a loving father urges him, therefore, to challenge him openly: if God bea is so much to stay in your Paradise while the Earth is a Hell, then he will transform the Earth into a Paradise.

However, despite the young prince, you do not have more need of God and his Eden, did not become an atheist: Canute thought that, once dead, will be welcomed into the presence of God, and it was in that moment that will finally be able to tell him in his face what he thinks of him and who managed to create Paradise on Earth.

Not only that, but from these statements you can imagine perfectly, not only that Canute still believes in the existence of the christian God, but even that takes for granted that he will succeed in his undertaking.

The strategy with which the prince Killed, and Thorfinn, face the king of your Daneli, the reflections so deep, ripe and dense with meanings of Canute, there is no need to enter the fighting and bloodshed in every single episode, the great passion with which Makoto Yukimura is the matter with historical background that he has chosen as a basis on which to found his Vinland Saga make this work by a product of the highest quality, whose vision strongly recommend it to all.

The entire first season of Vinland Saga is distributed here by us in Italy by Amazon Prime Video. The new episodes will be available starting from Monday.

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