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Published on Nov 26, 2019


The other episode really a memorable one that passed yesterday, in which there is really everything: action, evidence of great courage, a short exursus on past the town of Thors and Thorkell, a bond of blood, previously unknown, deep reflections and a very well structured, an alliance, a temporary between two sworn enemies, a confession and a turn-final to say the least, unexpected. But let's proceed with order.


The fight between Thorfinn and Thorkell is going in the net benefit of the latter, but Thorkell has a than really deep to her opponent, so she decided to take a little time to talk to the young son of Thors of his father.

During the story, clearly demonstrates that respect for Thorfinn and Thorkell derives from the respect for its parent is considered by the latter as the greatest fighter that I've ever met. Not only that, later, Canute confess that she could learn from Thors, what it really means to be a fighter, which would seem really strange, considering that Thors is seen as a coward because of his choice to abandon the field of battle.

But the great courage of Thors is precisely in this: to have made against his family and against the Viking warriors in order to defend their ideals, to protect the which Thors was willing to put his very life.

Once you have ended the story, fight for the love it's a wonder that the Year is so determined to defeat him: if he decides to abandon the Crown to his fate could be saved. But what then urges the boy to continue to fight despite serious injuries?

Will be Given to reminding the Year because he is fighting: if a Given die now, may not have the chance to face him in a duel, which would mean, therefore, that the Year should not give up to seek revenge for the untimely death of his father. And Thorfinn can not accept such a thing.

Just because it is in the game also his life, his Crown will be the Year to put aside for a moment his anger: together, may be able to survive thanks to the fact that, having fought on the side of Canute, Asleadd knows his weak point, probably the only one.

The stratagem so finely devised by Crown will get out alive from the clash of the same Crown and the same Year?


The last samurai is a 2003 film directed by Edward Zwick, who sees how the main character Tom Cruise. In a memorable scene of the film, you can see Nathan Algren face without hesitation, a shot is potentially deadly.

Well, I could not avoid thinking of this scene when I saw that same look of contemptuous of death in the eyes of the prince, Canute.

The guy would have been able to run away, but chooses, instead, to get back on the field of battle in which you are Canute and his even knowing that these were going to abduct him for blackmail in some way to his father. But then why go back there?

From the previous episode, we saw how profoundly it has changed Canute after the realization of no longer feel the need of God and his Paradise. So, Canute is back on his feet to make a short speech to Canute: if your goal is to take advantage of the prince to blackmail the king, he's just wasting his time.

In whatever way the see, Canute knows that the only choice he has is to die, now, for the hand of Canute, so that his father will not even need to dirty their hands with his blood, or in the future.

Having nothing to lose, Canute challenge Canute, who, however, has already seen a lot of men declare not to fear for their lives, and shortly after pleading to the same once looked into the eyes of death.

But the look of Canute, who watch who-knows-where, is shaking even Thorkell, who had already seen that look so many years before, in the eyes of Thors.

The proprosta that will follow will be made by Canute, the reaction of Canute a terrible confession to the prince, from Crown close in beauty to a episode truly memorable of the first season of Vinland Saga, that in the last two episodes introduced us to a series of radical changes that are already bearing fruit.

Now, all that remains is to wait to see how they will evolve the events in the next few episodes of this extraordinary and memorable anime.

The entire first season of Vinland Saga is distributed here by us in Italy by Amazon Prime Video. The new episodes will be available starting from Monday.

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