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Published on Nov 24, 2019


As often happens in the anime of Vinland Saga, the stake is divided in two section drastically different between them, even if both take place on a field of battle, and both have as their core the prince, Canute.


Let's start with the part that is certain to all the viewers of Vinland Saga have been waiting for with the more desire, the more so because last week the anime is not aired: the clash between Thorkell and Thorfinn.

I start with saying that this will not be the centerpiece of the episode, just as in the same section of the original manga, written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura, choice, this, which, however, was not particularly appreciated by many fans of the anime.

The point here, however, is the fact that Vinland Saga is not a shonen fight, but a seinen, so the fights do not have to necessarily be the centre around which the wheel of the narrative, but often, on the contrary, they are functional precisely to the narrative itself.

The heart of this wonderful work are not, therefore, the clashes, in which, however, have a very important role and the choreography dynamic, fast-paced and exciting, but the story of the personal lives of its protagonists, with a focus on the psychological introspection.

As can be expected scatters of litres of blood in every single episode of an anime based on the life of a group of Vikings, the true, the great strength of Vinland Saga is his story, the narrative technique and the psychological introspection of its protagonists.

Clarified this, you will notice how the Year is in difficulty against a foe so gigantic as Canute: to defeat it, you must first try to subdue him, maybe cutting off a few blinds here and there.

However, the son of Thors, is not the only one to have some problem: the people of Canute, in fact, are amazed that that little boy from the glare is giving so much hard time to a fighter who is ruthless and inhuman force as their commander.

Thorkell had already collided with the son of his the same say he was a warrior more powerful than him, which is really anxious to see if indeed in his veins flows the blood of the Troll of Jom.

Both because of their previous confrontation out of respect for all of Thors, Canute eats a lot of respect for her young opponent, who in his eyes is a true warrior, and can not tolerate any kind of mockery aimed at the Year part of his men


Prince Canute has been raised by Ragnar, a man who was not her father, as if it had been his son, and protected him until his moment of life. The guy has a look off, while he looks at Bjorn fight berserker and is devoid of his reasoning.

The mind of Canute is plagued by a thousand thoughts, one of which is his desire to be, not a prince, but a normal guy: he has chosen him to be the son of a king who has not even affection towards her.

In this moment of loss, the young prince would like to just sleep; so, Canute is a dream, and it is not difficult to understand who'll speak about briefly in his vision.

In its wake, will have a conversation with the monk who is there with him on love, and the definition that is provided really makes you think: what Ragnar for Canute it was not love, but discrimination.

According to this vision, to put someone's life above those of all the others, is indeed a discrimination against those who are not the object of this sentiment, mistakenly believed to be love.

But then what is love? If what we believe love is in fact discrimination, it means that we cannot feed the universal love that profess to be christians, and that, therefore, belongs only to God.

For that monk, the essence of love is to the death: looking at a corpse, he says to Canute that there is more beauty in him than in the warriors who still fight, but this phrase has a much deeper meaning than what it may seem.

That corpse will feed many animals and will turn, then, into something that will nourish life. And while all of God's creation is permeated by his immense love, there is not a trace in the hearts of men, that they make love only in the moment of their death.

But men are creatures of God, for which, if they are deprived of love, means that God must have done something wrong, or that he wants to punish them with the absence of the most noble of feelings.

In Canute, the initial apathy is then transformed first into resignation and then into anger, and the sudden change of the states of mind of the prince is visible both in his face and in his actions. Now, something in Canute is forever changed.

When Bjorn is directing towards him, still in berserker, Canute will not back up a step, but she speaks to him with great firmness. But you are turning to him?

Canute in reality screams in the face of God, that he is tired of his evidence, and that neither he nor the other men have more need of his Paradise, because we have one right here, on Earth, and now the desire of Canute is to protect it.

Then the loss of faith, in this case, not only is not a bad thing, but it contributes enormously to the epiphany of Canute.

The entire first season of Vinland Saga is distributed here by us in Italy by Amazon Prime Video.

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