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Published on Nov 09, 2019


Crown is in a situation far from pleasant: Thorkell is on his trail, and as if this were not enough, a large handpiece of his men has decided to ammutinarsi, in the hope that, passing from the part of the enemy, avoid being massacred. In all of this, the pivot of the balance, however, is the shy, young prince Canute...


Both Canute who Killed are, therefore, between two fires: the men of Thorkell want to kidnap the prince, and some of the men who should protect it they want to deliver it to the enemy, to try to protect themselves; on the other hand, Killed not if the passes much better, and now, against both Thorkell her.

In both cases, however, it is still always someone who remains faithful; now, therefore, it remains to be seen if this will be enough to save their lives.


As we know, the Vikings are a people of warriors who have dedicated their lives to fighting, but in this specific case, you will notice how some of them try to avoid a fight.

The same Crown does not love invischiarsi in fighting useless or not is sure to have the best, but this is certainly not the him a coward: it is simply a very pragmatic and programmatic, which, in fact, if cornered, not stop certainly to fight for your life.

However, you certainly can not say the same of his men who have decided to betray him: in short, if you are doing it is because they are terrified at the idea of facing Thorkell, a man who, contrary to what they are thinking of doing to them, do not hesitate a moment to throw himself headlong into battles, and, indeed, it almost seems that the only thing that the stimuli and that the defines are just his incredible skill and strength on the field of battle.

That said, we have already had the opportunity to see how this is Thorkell the traitors, so now the question is: what will have intend to do this colossal warrior with the other men that have decided to betray Killed to save her own life? Well, it is not so difficult to intuit...


Another important pawn on this chessboard is the Year: we already know that his task is to protect the same age as prince Canute, but he also feels strongly the call of the battlefield, and not disdegnerà certainly be able to collide again with Canute!

In this, the Year in which a character diametrically opposite to the traitors Killed, adult men and skilled warriors that are afraid to die, in contrast, almost with the ideals of the Vikings.

Where, therefore, these traitors fear the field of battle, Thorfinn and Thorkell the crave. But above all, there is a small detail that pushes the young and brave (or perhaps we should say unconscious?) the son of Thors to challenge anyone, no matter who it is: Crown is his, must be him to kill him, and anyone who dares to get between him and his craving for revenge will first have to contend with him.

Wit Studio is doing a really good job with the work of Makoto Yukimura, making it full justice, in this specific case, the heat that twists and deforms the face itself often so dour a boy who, despite his young age, already there is nothing left, if not the desire to avenge a day in the death of her father.

Whatever is going to happen, we will only find out next week, because the episode stops right on the most beautiful, in a moment of climax very intense and that portends that soon we will witness a battle truly epic.

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