Vinland Saga 1×16: the History of the beasts | Review


Published on Nov 02, 2019


After the untimely death of ragnar, the life of the young prince Canute is about to undergo radical changes now that its protection is entrusted to the Crown, which, however, has clearly chosen to pass this hot potato to his best man, Thorfinn.

In the meantime, however, other changes are going to invest the group of Danes led by the Crown, aided by the fact that the army of Thorkell is getting closer...


Canute it may take a while to get used to the loss of Ragnar, who died at the hands of the anglo-Saxon that have struck in the back. At least, this is what they said Killed, but we know very well that things have gone very, very differently...

Now that he's alone, Canute will be able to rely on the same age as Thorfinn, with which, indeed, has already begun to entertain some relationship, even if for the most part, is the treaty of the exchange of insults! Maybe, I can still count on the support of someone, perhaps, is not really only.


As always, in the Vinland Saga is not lacking historical notions that serve as the backdrop to the narrated events. In this case, the learned Crown proves once again to not only be a valuable fighter and a cunning strategist, as well as a man almost entirely devoid of piety, but also a deep knowledge of historical facts dating back to several centuries before.

When he and some of his men interrogate one of the commanders of the army of the anglo-Saxon that have been able to capture previously, this last accusation the Danes to be of the invaders in their lands, and it is this statement that makes dressing up momentarily to Given to the role of a demanding teacher of history: in fact, those lands once belonged to the Celts, who were overwhelmed by the ancient Romans, and later the lands of Britain were invaded by the Anglo-saxons, who drove out those who lived there previously. Therefore, with such claims, the invading Anglo-saxons accuse now the invading Danes?

Once again, therefore, we use two weights and two measures and are believed to be unlawful the acts of those who cause harm to a community, to which, on the other hand, really takes very little time to deny her past also violent towards other ethnic groups stanziatesi in the same lands previously.


In the meantime, while Canute must deal with the loss of probably the only person in the world who wanted really good, that you took loving care of him and with whom he felt free to speak openly and to be itself, the men of Thorkell you closer, and now we are even more alone, and reinforcements are coming.

It will be precisely this event that will reflect the men Killed: because their boss continues to order them only to continue the march? And if Thorkell would be able to reach them, they would be able to survive? These doubts are starting to creep into the minds of these men, who begin to think of an alternative way to try not to get killed: switch on the side of the enemy.

This choice, however, has several implications that cannot be ignored: if the Crown were to discover the deserters, he could easily decide to kill them on the spot, also there is another problem: what guarantees to the traitors that Thorkell will accept them among their ranks?

Well, we are about to discover the answers to all these questions: Thorkell has reached Asleadd and has already begun to claim victims...

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