Vinland Saga 1×15: After the winter solstice | Review


Published on Oct 26, 2019


Also this episode of the soul based on the original manga written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura reveals himself fully to expectations.


The massacre of the innocent population who resided in the village put under siege by the Danes had been ordered, as we could see in the previous episode of Vinland Saga (here you can find my review), from the Crown, concerned that leave life even just one of those people would have been for him and his men, the risk really too great to run some of them, in fact, would be able to communicate to the enemy their position.

However, Ragnar, Canute, and the priest with them are of the christian religion, for which they may not approve a massacre of the kind, which has not even spared the elderly, women, and children; for this, you take a brief moment of silence ask God for forgiveness of their sins, although the faith of someone starts preoccupantemente to falter...

The word “father” is repeated several times in reference to God, but Thorfinn is not a Christian, so in his mind the word is related only to one person, towards which his thought still lingers, from time to time, and which still feel the lack, though it seems a cold warrior.

Later, you will see how Canute may not be especially brave or talkative, but has a few more years with passion and love, a pastime which, however, is not approved by her father: the status of the prince and heir to the throne of the shy guy is not, in fact, allows to perform tasks considered to be not suitable to his rank by his strict parent, who seems to not approve of Canute at a more general level, unlike Ragnar, who is the young prince in the role of father figure and mentor to his natural father seems to want to refuse.

After this event, also the Year in which it will seem to look with different eyes the same age, so different from him.


The Vikings were led by the ambiguous Crown seem never to have peace, and a new confrontation seems to be approaching. As this is a danger so imminent, you need to try to avoid it. BUT as it will be able for the enemy to track them down in such a short time? and if things are really so, what is served to slaughter all those people? Apparently, however, the man at the head of the Danes has something in mind: it will be precisely at this juncture that the Crown will ask Bjorn to give away his plan...

When you see with your own eyes what will happen, what will amaze you and not just from the event itself (we have already established that Given is ambiguous, no?), but also the most important, and disconcerting revelation that this will come out: there is a reason why the king of the Danes seems to not be particularly fond of Canute, and it is the same for which Ragnar strives so hard to keep his young and beloved prince safe.

Even if you do not see rivers of blood in this episode, from the point of view of the more purely introspective and narrative, we come across a product that once again shows us with what care the details of Makoto Yukimura has worked on the drafting of the plot narrative of this work of his, which always proves to be the most fascinating, fulfilling, and mature.

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