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Published on Oct 12, 2019


The Danish Crown is a man who has never liked to talk too much about himself, and even his most faithful men, those close to more time than anyone else, they know only one thing about him: the fact that it is Danish. But because the Crown is so reluctant to speak of his past? That hide something?


Vinland Saga delight its fans with plots are always intriguing, never dull, and at times, very unpredictable, and it is the case of this episode, which opens with the image of a young man who carries on his shoulders a woman very ill: who are they? But, above all, on the shores of which Country they landed?

You will not have to wait long before discovering this, and more, thanks to a narrative masterful, worthy of an historical novel, as a further demonstration of how much care Makoto Yukimura has infused this work of his: but who are you referring to the title of this episode, and to which hero refers? Far be it from me rivelarvelo here, but the juicy information that you will hear will change the way you see the entire history of Vinland Saga.

Crown is a man with foresight, and has in mind a definite plan to cross with his men unharmed to the territory in which they arrived and, of the rest, his followers feed on an unconditional trust towards the man that is their leader for so long, ensuring their survival even when you throw in missions, the appearance of suicide.


If we have the reference to a hero, on the other there is, however, another character, considered by the proud Thorfinn the opposite of a hero: prince Canute.

We do not yet know well this young man from a blue-blood, but we know that he does not like public speaking, who is very shy and insecure, and that has the appearance of a beautiful girl, all, these elements, which can stimulate our fight for the love to give to his future king, the words of contempt and of challenge. How to be established himself, it seems incredible that these two guys are peers: the Year is marked by pain more acute and violence more extreme since he was just a child; ironic, when you consider that his father, Thors, was committed to the fund, in order to prevent his son to live in the cruel world of the Vikings and in order to ensure a peaceful future in a land yet to be discovered.

Canute is shown as a dandy, a spoiled young man who is not able even to speak without hiding literally behind Ragnar: how can this boy without the spine to guide a whole nation, when it will be time for him to adornale his head with the regal crown?

And yet, something is changing in him: the proximity of the Year, which never misses an opportunity to tease him and provoke him, disinterested as it is to give him respect just because he is a prince, able to move the young man, and apparently a wimp Canute, which she begins to respond to the provocations of his new “friend”, to the immense amazement of Ragnar, which now sees for the first time, his beloved prince to talk to someone that's not him, which is good even if the dialogues between the two boys are, in practice, only a series of insults: but it's already a great step forward!

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