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Published on Oct 05, 2019


Vinland Saga is distinguished from the classic shonen fighting for the choices of the narrative very, very mature, in order to make it better understandable to readers and viewers the historical context of the real in which you play the stories, for which some sections are nearly or completely devoid of action, which is sacrificed in the virtue of the narration pure, and it is this detail that most of all shows us how in reality we find ourselves in front of a seinen. The last episode of the anime falls in this category, just because, occasionally, it becomes necessary for a suspension of the action more pure in visrtù of the story.


As we all know, Killed, and his men are traveling together to the prince, Canute and Ragnar, but hot on their heels there is always Torkell Up. Crown is a rich man of resources, and in this episode you will see how this warrior will always know how to move, even in situations that seem to be the most dramatic: its, in fact, we must remember that there are about a hundred men, while Thorkell can count on an army much more nourished: for this, the murderer of Thors decides to ask help to some of his allies who dwell beyond a river. But who is it?

The title of the episode leaves already understand that fording that river Killed and his will come into a territory alien to Canute, but of course I won't go too much into detail to not take away from the taste of discovery, in the event you have not seen this episode. But this will be enough to stop him, or even the mammoth man can count on some kind of resource unknown to the Crown?


This episode is different from the previous ones basically for one reason: for the first time, we have the opportunity to listen to the voice of Canute, and to know him a little better. In spite of the scenes dedicated to him are few and of short duration, are more than sufficient to enable us to understand a few things about him: he is a very shy and insecure, and if until now he had never opened his mouth just for this. Now, however, a doubt arises: can a boy so self-conscious and timid to be a good king?

The huge difference between the Canute and the Vikings is even more evident if we compare it to one of his peers that we know all too well: it is, of course, of the same Year, a young man not at all intimidated by the battle, and that definitely is not afraid neither to say, nor much less to die in battle. The rest is still a Viking, to die on the field of battle or being able once more to save his own skin are both options, however, are equivalent, even if the loss of life before being able to avenge the death of his father would leave however a bitter taste in the mouth even once in Valhalla.


In another short sequence is again shown the enormous gap between the religion of the Norse and the more recent Christianity and the Vikings, in fact, assume a great importance of material goods, riches and beautiful women, for a christian priest certain things do not have the slightest importance, because it yearns for is something immaterial, something intangible, something that cannot be bought with money, a need the depths of his soul that cannot be satisfied even by a whole harem of women wantons.

Spirituality is a concept completely alien to these dedicated men solely to satisfy their own needs and instincts of the more purely human, because the values of them and of their religion are decidedly other, and in this episode, vline, once again, a glimpse of just how deep the rift between these two ways of conepire the religion, so distant between them that even to find a point of contact seems to be really impossible.

Therefore, after a brief, but interesting lesson on history and religion, towards the end of the episode something happens that suggests that travel calm for more than a few days is only a chimera: a new battle is at the gates, but the same Year, Killed, and all the other men involved in the protection of the prince, Canute are always ready for a nice bath of blood!

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