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Published on Sep 29, 2019


This episode of Vinland Saga has an element that has now become quite common even in other anime, which is a sort of caesura that divides the two-the narrative: the first part is decidedly ironic, funny, but also very introspective, followed by a second section focusing solely on tactical planning and on the implementation of the different battle strategies, implemented by the factions in the field.


The episode opens with Canute and his that you enjoy a quiet trip immersed in the warm colors of autumn. As we could see in the previous episode, here you can find my review, Thorkell has kidnapped Ragnar and prince Canute, are now his prisoners, and the journey together gives Viking warriors a interesting starting point for a reflection regarding the different religions practised by them, and by the prisoners.

In the eyes of Thorkell and his men, the two religions could not be more different from one another, of the religion of the Norse and Christianity: the first is represented by the deity, incredibly strong and powerful, while the symbol of the second is a man undersized, dead, nailed to a cross and which is said to be a magician (the explicit reference is to items such as the ability of Jesus Christ to walk on water). Religions represent the peoples who practice them, for which the vehemence, the taunts and mockery of violent men and very brave, vowed to die on the field of battle, to reach their Paradise, Valhalla, is contrasted by the attitude of the submissive, calm and peaceful to their fellow converts to the new religion, which is becoming increasingly popular in different parts of the world.

But these reflections, mixed with derision, suddenly stopped when Canute notice something strange: of course, are not alone in their pilgrimage of the...


This second section of the episode is really well engineered and shows the complexity of certain strategies of war in order to prove that the Vikings were not the only fools who threw themselves into battle with their eyes closed, but men were also able to plan in detail their actions, before launching into sanguinosissimi fights.

I won't go into too much detail as to not take away from the taste of the discovery of what is narrated in this episode, but we must not forget that, in the previous installment of Vinland Saga, Given he had decided to kill the messenger of the men of Ragnar, come at him, to ask him to join forces in the hope of being able to save together with the prince, Canute, to run the risk of bringing it safely without any help; the possible outcomes are only two, but both are desirable: if you do not succeed, will die fighting, and will spend the rest of eternity in the Hall of the Warriors of Valhalla, but if they were to succeed would be covered with honor, and glory, and maybe even rich rewards.

The resulting fight scenes are violent, bloody and brutal, just as you would expect from the armed conflicts that the protagonists are leading the Vikings. Of course, will play a key role, once again, the young and dauntless the same Year mandate, for a change, had to be Killed.

In this choice, you glimpse it again, but in a much more explicit way, the dualism that lies behind this choice, let hover a doubt on the minds of the spectators: Killed always trust tasks incredibly difficult to accomplish in the Year because he does not care that she may lose the life, or because it is the man in whom reposed the most trust and confidence among its?

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