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Published on Sep 22, 2019


The situation in England seems to have come to a standstill: while the Crown and its continue to earn a living by putting fire to the small villages they encounter on their journey, another part of the main army from which they are temporarily posted has the task of protecting prince Canute, who are notoriously disinclined to fight, and, by repeated attacks of Thorkell the Tall, the gigantic warrior, the scandinavian-time-in-force by the british army as a mercenary.


The young Thorfinn is still tormented by his dreams, in which he sees his father Thors, his mother and his sister to live serene and in peace, but the whole thing turns into a terrible nightmare, after the terrible experiences of life that you had to deal with since he was only a child, and the event more traumatic for him among these remains to the execution of his father, which occurred in front of his eyes. Now, all you can do is try to avenge him, but the relationship to the Crown is not so easy to interpret: on the one hand, in fact, the guy does not ponder his revenge, on the other it seems that Killed you is even fond of that brat sassy that does not threaten death.

Thorfinn, however, is tormented by his dreams, in which lives the contrast between his desire of revenge, and the reflection that, perhaps, is the case to abandon this insane plan, which could also cost him his life, also in virtue of the fact that the guy alive for years now with Killed, and his army, for which it is also normal to expect to live a similar conflict: so, what will you do? Will still try to kill the man responsible for the death of his father, or will choose instead to bury the hatchet and behave just like all his other comrades?


Many religions share a macabre trait in common: the imminence of the Day of Judgment. Whether you want to call it the Apocalypse or Ragnarok or in any other way, it doesn't matter, because the substance is roughly the same: the end of the world is near.

However, the term Ragnarok, which is the title of the most recent episode of the anime of Vinland Saga, it has a meaning so mystical, but of much more earthly: without going in to too much detail to avoid spoilers, I can tell you that an unexpected event arises Directly faced with a decision: to collaborate with the rest of his army, or into the arms of death, accompanied only by his men.

Following the second hypothesis, the mission would be much more difficult to bring to an end only with his men, who continue to lose life because of the battles with which they are faced during their raids, but also because of their characters so strongly and impulsive, so sometimes it happens that you killed between the arguments based on motives, to say the least negligible. However, if they were to succeed would be covered in glory and riches, would otherwise be facing death, but this is not an event that can disturb the souls of the Viking warriors: if they were to die all in the battle, should be in the Valhalla, maximum intake for these fighters. Therefore, the term Ragnarok refers to the one that would be the end of the world for the Crown and his men, if they lose a life. Now, we can only wait to discover how it will end in the next few episodes of Vinland Saga.

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