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Published on Sep 07, 2019


In the ambitious project of conquest of the Viking population was part of the kingdom of England, and in this latest episode of Vinland Saga is shown the battle that took place on London Bridge: which is the better lens to understand the English that the Vikings are seriously of the conquest of the capital, London?


Great, it is just the case to say that the protagonist of this installment is, with the help of our the same Year, another historical character really existed: this is Thorkell the Tall, was born before 986 and died after 1023, which is represented as a man very " high and mighty, by the inhuman strength; in the episode, Thorkell will clash with the Vikings, headed by the Crown, because the latter are carrying out a plan for the conquest of the whole of England,while Canute is found, at least at this juncture, to fight to defend the London Bridge from the invasion of his countrymen.

As by now we were used to seeing already from the previous episodes, Given to choose to send in a scout, the young and troubled Year. Up to this time, however, are not yet clear the intentions of the Crown when he makes these choices: maybe she simply trusted that kid? Or maybe just wants to get rid of him without dirtying his hands? Or still not want to risk the lives of his men most trusted? Or perhaps wanted to put it to the test to test what his actual skills on the field of battle? Whatever the reasons may have this skillful commander, Thorfinn always accept the tasks which are entrusted to him, as it accepts also often be abandoned on the field of battle as Killed and her depart in safety, protected by the distraction supplied just by the young warrior, even if, to onor of the true, if the Year always carries out the orders given to him is because he thinks that all this is a necessary sacrifice if he wants to finally be taken seriously by one who has elected to be his sworn enemy.

This time, the son of the Troll Jorm is entrusted with the not simple task of defeating a man is not only incredibly high, mighty, and strong, but also particularly committed to the clashes, in which he sees almost as a playful activity, mere entertainment, probably also because incredibly confident in his abilities. Of a different opinion, instead, Thorfinn, for which there is really nothing funny in the risk of being killed brutally while they kill brutally other men.


The fight between Thorfinn and Thorkell was made in a very very spectacular, also due to the fact that the two fighters protagonists have the physicality and, so, the tactics are very different between them: in fact, if on one hand we have a guy not too tall, but very agile and quick in his movements, which is armed only with two daggers, on the other hand, there is a tall man, most of the double and the physical power so high that it will be the same as the Year to consider, among himself, that if he does not pay attention and had to be hit even once, would be enough to kill him on the spot.

As I have already mentioned a little higher, Throkell is very sure of themselves, strong in a physical strength unparalleled, while, on the contrary, the Year must calculate and calibrate carefully his moves, moreover with a large advance, if he wants to at least get out alive. Of course, as always, I'll leave you to discover dynamics and the outcome of the clash with your eyes.

Towards the end of the episode, you'll also see the new character of Canute, of which, however, we still know very little, so all that remains is to wait to see what they have in store for viewers this young man and the author Makoto Yukimura in the next few episodes of Vinland Saga.

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