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Published on Aug 24, 2019


There are very few works of historical and accurate information as Vinland Saga, a true chronicle of the life style and combat of the Vikings, unique in their genre, as you can see in this yet another amazing episode.


That Makoto Yukimura has done extensive research on the history of the Vikings is evident already in the choice not to cover their heads with helmets on which sprouts a pair of horns, mystification historical very widespread, but wrong, which has its roots in the representation of the work of the German composer Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung, but that in fact is not supported by any actual evidence.

That said, Vinland Saga is a manga series that aims to represent as closely as possible to the reality of the facts to the style of life of these warriors, pirates and mercenaries. Their raids are passed to the history for the incredible ruthlessness and the heat used during the same, at the time, something really never seen before; one of the points to the benefit of this population was their religion, which gave a privileged place in Valhalla for the warriors, who lost his life in battle: it is also thanks to this element that the Vikings not only were not afraid at all of death, but almost agognavano, because there was way more honorable to die, and this is a world of difference with any other army of their contemporaries, and also explains why he threw headlong into the fights without worrying too much about the fact that they could get out of it alive or not.


In the most recent bet based on the manga written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura, you can admire not only as warriors, the Normans were brave, the ruthless and bloodthirsty on the field of battle, but you will also discover that this nation of migrants and conquerors were also able to develop strategies for winning: being mercenaries, the Normans headed by Crown, as we already could see in the previous installments, you were too many problems in the alliances interim with a certain faction to get the better of the other, aware that their men alone would not have been sufficient to ensure victory.

Certainly, Given it is not a fine strategist, but is skilled enough with words to be able to deceive his allies of the moment, as you will see in a sequence that is really fun.

As usual, is chosen as a messenger to the young Thorfinn, which lends itself reluctantly to the demands of the Crown, but that still performs his orders in the hope that, sooner or later, the man responsible for the death of his father will accept to be challenged to a duel by that blond guy thirsty for revenge ever since he put on his tracks, when he was still only a helpless baby. And, as usual, the Year will be deemed to be Killed and his dead, as is the case in most occasions, which is an Italian comedian who is now a distinctive feature of the narrative.

The only problem is the fact that characters belonging to different ethnic groups and that, for this, they spoke different languages, are dubbed, all in japanese, creating a short-circuit unpleasant in the moment Torfinn speaks Norwegian, unlike his interlocutors, who do not understand, but, since it's all dubbed into the same language, you will notice that the interpreter of the Year doesn't actually do that to repeat the same words of the boy, in the japanese language.

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