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Published on Aug 17, 2019


Makoto Yukimura is an author incredibly attentive to the historical details contained within this immense work, and this is seen, over that in the previous installments of Vinland Saga, in a particular in the most recent bet of the anime based on her manga town,where you can see a series of fights the ruthless and bloody between the british and the pirates, the Vikings, have now entered into open warfare. But that's not all: our young Thorfinn will be put to the test not only on the field of battle, but also outside of it...


The Vikings were a people of navigators and fighters excellent and ruthless, and as much as we could have some taste of what I can do, in this latest episode of Vinland Saga you will see them in action against the british, no matter that they are warriors by profession, or of the simple inhabitants of a small village.

One of the reasons that made this people so fiercely fighting their religion, according to which the only way honorable to lose one's life is on the battlefield, because only by dying during a battle, it was possible to secure the entrance in the much sought after Valhalla. Also, the vikings had no mercy not even of the populations in the vulnerable small villages, which were razed to the ground and looted in no uncertain terms, falcidiando the male population, and raping and killing women.

Of course, this type of attitude was common among adult men, who walked in the midst of the slain, and the stench of the putrefaction of the flesh as a child walks into the middle of a field full of flowers; however, it is important to stress once again, such an attitude was part of the culture rather than this proud people of warriors and conquerors, but in the latest episode of Vinland Saga, you will also see how this style of life, commonly accepted by the adult men, could put in crisis the values of a boy, whose childhood was marked by violence, both physical and ideological, is indescribable.


Thorfinn was only a child when his father Thors, is killed for him in a way unjust and senseless, and it is always only a child when she takes the courageous decision to set out on the heels of the one who is guilty of such an act, with the aim of being able to avenge the untimely death of his parent.

In the episode, the time undergoes a slight acceleration, because that child is now grown up, and became a young boy whose life is steeped in violence and blood; specifically, his task is to travel to a small English village to carry out an inspection, in a way that you can communicate to your companions if it is safe to attack that place for supplies, and, why not, to show the british how to fight a real Viking warriors.

Will be two main events that will mark forever the young Thorfinn: the actively participate in its first clash, and the meet host, in spite of himself, in a little house right in the village and Killed and his intent to have put to iron and fire, once the Year in which the same will be sent to the drakkar of his companions the signal via free.

In this episode, the young Thorfinn commits his first murder, in a sequence of heartbreaking and violent at the same time: for how much was needed to kill the warrior English so as to ensure the survival, literally see the life leave the body of his first victim (Wit Study has shown masterfully in this scene, in which you can see as the eyes of the warrior English lose their light, once that life has left his body) has a strong impact on that little boy, she lets out a howl in despair because forced to kill. But his inner conflict is just beginning...

The son of the Trol of Jorm knows perfectly well what its task, but when it happens the unexpected, the guy, injured, is saved by two women, who decide to host and feed him, even after discovering who he is in reality, and this is because their values are based on a religion that's a bit different from the Norse that Christianity, which preaches not to kill others, but to welcome him and feed him. Despite the risk of giving hospitality to a Viking, the woman, and between the two can not abandon himself to that which, in his eyes, is only an innocent child, who so reminds her of her younger son, he served in the british army, just to fight against the conquerors of the Vikings.

Thorfinn has nothing personal against those people who have been so welcoming and polite with him, but in spite of this, the guy has a precise task, which can not refuse to do, if you do not want to be killed himself.

It will be the contrast between her good feelings, normal for a boy of his age, and her duty as a Viking warrior that will once again test the mind of the young Thorfinn: the life of a warrior (or pirate) the Viking is a tough, ruthless, steeped in blood and violence, more bloody, and now that his father is dead and he is separated from his division, so to say, a pacifist of this nomadic people, Thorfinn can do no more than accept what has now become his destiny. At least until the time in which it will not be able to get revenge Killed...



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