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Published on Aug 10, 2019


At the end of the previous installment of Vinland Saga, which you can find here my review, we had left the small the Year on the heels of Crown, the man who is so dishonest and cowardly that he did kill his father in front of his eyes: what will become of the little son of the Troll of Jom, now that is the only side-by-side of those who have become his sworn enemies?


After killing Thors, the mercenaries of the Vikings in charge of his murder, they find a landing place in a small English village; with them, will land them the young Thorfinn, in search of his own personal revenge.

Thorfinn was only a child, but in his veins flows the proud blood of a noble and valorosissimo warrior that drives him now to try to take revenge of the one who killed his father. The son of Thors flaw, however, is naivety in the moment in which he thinks he can easily kill a warrior and a mercenary profession, as Given, for now, more or less, with no idea even how to wield a sword, but the Year somehow manages to counterbalance this, his childlike naivete, that depends on his young age and lack of experience on the field of battle, with a courage far beyond the ordinary, to the point of being able to elicit wonder and even in those mercenaries his enemies.

Of course, those men also tend to make fun of the attitude of open defiance of that kid naive, but there is something in him, like the look, blood-thirsty that Thorfinn had launched them when they were still in the open sea, which leads to those individuals who are usually so ruthless to not be with the young son of Thorfinn.

Once realizing his impotence, however, the Year did not give up, but continues to train alone very hard to perfect his mastery of bladed weapons and finally arrive to take the head of the man who has taken that of his father. Not only that, left completely alone in a strange land, the boy is forced to live outdoors in the wild territory full of dangers for a child so small, yet his tenacity does not desist, and this is another one of those details that surprised Given, who will prove to be sincerely amazed of the fact that that kid is not dead yet...


In this intense episode of Vinland Saga, you'll also get a small glimpse of those that were the raids of the Vikings in a sequence of scenes of strong, even if not always so explicit: the village, the Crown and its is literally given to the flames, the men are brutally massacred, while the women, before suffering the same fate, are raped (sexual violence are never shown, it is also evident what is happening when you see some of the women dragged by the hair, in tears, and in a later scene in which, at dawn, we can see a hut, a Viking, and the bare legs of a woman, motionless on the ground).

Also in the light of so much ruthlessness is almost incredible indulgence shown by those same men against a kid whose only desire is to kill their Commander, but evidently there is something special in fight for the love that is evident in the eyes of the Crown and of its.

Meanwhile, the news of the sacrifice of Thors, and the disappearance of the same Year, also comes to their family: now, even the two women of this already proven the nuclear family are left alone..

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