Vincis Clip On lenses for iPhone 3-in-1 that improve the camera


Published on May 29, 2016


By Vinsic comes a new product for all those who love to take pictures with the iPhone, the Clip-On includes three different lenses that easily apply to any smartphone Apple, from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6S Plus.

In the box we find three different lenses:

In addition, there are other accessories: cleaning cloth, lens caps and case.

The lens Fish Eye, you can shoot circular images, 180 degrees. The effect is very unique and not reproducible through software.

The wide-angle lens has a short focal length, which allows you to have an angle of view wider with respect to the optical normal; this lens also ensures a greater depth of field making it appear larger subjects in the foreground.

Finally, the macro lens allows you to use a zoom very high on the camera of iPhone to take photos with small subjects in the foreground and highlighted. Every detail is highlighted.

The three objectives are fully furnished with a multi-layer coating, together with a process of oxidation that ensures long life time of the product. Each lens is then provided with a special lens cover, to protect them even when they are transported around, maybe using the small case to understand more in the package. Thanks to the cleaning cloth, we can also eliminate dust and dirt from any lens.

To connect every single goal is enough to use the clamp that came in the box, compatible with every iPhone from the 5 to the 6s Plus. The installation requires just a few seconds, because then you simply screw the lens you want to use.

The product Vinsic is made with materials of excellent quality, the lenses work well and allow you to take photos of various types, using objectives that clearly provide yields very different compared to those ensured by the single camera of the iPhone. Also good is the equipment included in the package. The product is recommended to fans of iPhonefotografia...

The price is 12,90€.

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