Vikings: close with the sixth season coming, a spin-off


Published on Jan 04, 2019


Deadline reports the news that History would have decided to close the critically-acclaimed drama in the mold of the historical Vikings with the sixth season that will premiere in 2020 and will consist of a total of 20 episodes.

Series creator Michael Hirst, and the studios MGM Television would, however, already negotiating with the network to continue the saga of the Vikings in a new series spin-off/sequel to the original, of which there are of course no details but leaving the lead to the final “open” for the series.

In this new series, Michael Hirst, who wrote all 89 episodes so far aired of the Vikings, will be assisted by Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, The Fugitive).

We leave you with the trailer of the second part of the fifth season:

“Ivar, still full of anger for the death of his father, will continue to run about, still moving the war on English soil to expand the achievements of the Norseman. Floki, after the death of Helga, will start to follow the voice of the gods and embark on a small boat in search of a new life. After that King Ecbert has signed the treaty to cede part of his land to the Norseman, his son King Aethelwulf, and tries to escape to the pagans with the help of the Bishop Heahmund. The sons of the King Aethewulf, Alfred and Aethelred, however, will not be in accord with the way of acting of the father. Lagertha will continue to reign in the Kattegat, but will be increasingly threatened.”

Vikings is the acclaimed series Michael Hirst (winner of the Academy Award for the film Elizabeth, and no to Emmy and Golden Globe for the series the Tudors), tells the adventures of a family of explorers and warriors in one of the darkest periods in history.

Vikings: close with the sixth season, coming to a spin-off is




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