Vikings 6×03 – Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs | Review


Published on Dec 15, 2019


The first few episodes of the last season of the Vikings we were introduced to a Kattegat is now free from the tyranny of Ivar (avventuratosi on the Silk road), with Bjorn to grips with the difficulties of power management (supported by his wife Gunnhild, and by Ubbe, with Hvitserk on the brink of madness and haunted by Ivar) and Lagertha retired to private life on a farm.

While Ivar comes in contact with the prince Oleg, and with the Varangians, vikings, “Russian”, Bjorn decides to collect the request for help to king Harald (in spite of the remonstrances of the wife and mother), a prisoner of King Olaf, and stripped of all his territories.


Bjorn, after you have made the decision of starting to save king Harald (feeling a duty towards him, considering how he has saved my life in battle against Ivar) is preparing for the expedition into the lands of king Olaf, while being courted by the slave of the wife who, for some mysterious reason, has consented to a relationship between the two.

To rule Kattegat in the absence of Bjorn, Ubbe, and though it could delay the trip to Iceland, and continue to help Laegherta with the farm, to which flock a group of women left alone that invoke the protection of what remains the largest shieldmaiden living.

And while Bjorn landed on the shores of king Olaf (king Harlad, who makes his debut in the series, arrogant, but tried from the prison), he was against an unexpected defensive strategy, Ivar continues to assist the prince Oleg in the struggle for power against his brother , having more and more evidence day after day of the cruelty of his new ally.


Continuing in the wake of the previous episodes, Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs shows us a Bjorn, for the moment at least, tried responsibilities of a king, at the beginning of a personal crisis that promises more insights in the course of the season.

On the contrary, Ubbe is in the prime of his maturity, which is also supported by the stability given to him by the companion Thorvi (maybe even the most enterprising of the young Lagertha) and that always reminds of more (the element that the nostalgic will appreciate) Ragnar, in terms of leadership, mentality, and even stage presence (and this should be given great merit to the actor Jordan Patrick Smith).

The subplot interesting story that relates to Lagertha, with the new threats that seem to want to go back to life as a warrior, rather than relegate her to the role by the grandmother (definitely less expensive and more “serene”, but that might prepare only the expectation of death, instead of making them catch more glimpses of life, despite the age of that advance) for the children of Bjorn and Grim.

In this episode, he begins to carve out spaces even king Harald, who still seems to say its in the series, while the prince Oleg shows more of a wickedness or able to bring to the extreme the sadistic nature of the Ivar already widely explored in the series, or push it to an unexpected redemption; everything suggests, however, that well will soon have the chance to deal with the frattelo Hvitserk.

On the whole, therefore, this third episode begins to outline the foundations for the events that are sure to be central to this first half of the season, continuing to show the great level of the series at the level of the direction.

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