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Published on Feb 10, 2019


In the space of a few years, the Vikings, created and written by Michael Hirst and produced for, among others, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for History) was able to bring back into favor the genre of the sagas are historical, being able to create the right mix between historical facts and fiction. The first part of the fifth season had ended with the rise of Ivar ( Alex Høgh) to the throne of the Kattegat, also thanks to the unexpected intervention of his uncle Rollo ( Clive Standen), now duke of Normandy, to decide the epic battle between the armies of the sons of Ragnarr. Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and his son Bjorn ( Alexander Ludwig), Ubbe ( Jordan Patrick Smith) and Heahmund ( Jonathan Rhys Meyers) are forced to hide themselves, waiting to find the forces to avenge the insult suffered.


In this second part of the fifth season, what stands out most in the evolution of the series is not so much in the development of the political plots and battles, while always present (and in this series, by this time, we have become accustomed and satisfied with a technical implementation of epic and flawless), but rather the comparison of one's own destiny, a concept so important, historically, for the company's norse, so as to remain influential even in the christian era) and his maturity and that all the main characters are faced with. Regardless of whether you are in England (the land so dear to Ragnarr and central part of his “fate,” related to the conduct of his people towards new fertile lands) as Lagertha, his son Bjorn, Ubbe and Heahmund, both to the Kattegat (and of course, the case of Ivar the boneless and his brother Hvitserk, even more submissive to the tyranny of his brother) all the characters will find themselves having to not only question about his true identity, but also on their mission in this earthly world.

Inevitable, coming implicitly to reflections so deep with yourself, the comparison with religion: if the religious fanaticism of the Ivar is almost rabid and insane, the question deep Ubbe is oscillating between christianity and paganism, between a religion of the “new” society to the traditional one, linked to the family and to the community. The same Lagertha, also through the story with Heahmund, back in the game, all his certainties, demonstrating wisdom (as yet not fully expressed) that carries with it all of the evolution accomplished by one of the “historical” characters in the series. Curious, and always in relation with the reflection on oneself and the fulfilment of his destiny, the contact of Hvitserk with Buddhism, to show once again (as in previous seasons), the contact of the world viking with the East.

As well as the series, narratively, is prepared at the conclusion of his plots planned for the sixth and final season, we could say that writers, with a deep, subtle, and well placed in the narrative context individual reflection of the characters, represent the crisis of values of society collectivist norse the viking period, historically, has not done that increase. And it was perhaps this, from the very beginning, the fate of the young Ragnarr, who later became a legendary hero: to explore their people, as well as new geographical boundaries, even the deepest interior spaces...for the definitive conclusion of the trip, there will be, certainly, by the time the next season.

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