Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals: interview with Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court | Naples Comicon, 2019


Published on May 03, 2019


My Hero Academia is certainly one of the franchise's hottest in recent years and Editions Star Comics has certainly made catch unprepared, leading to the last Napoli Comicon, the sensei Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court, respectively, writer and illustrator, the excellent spin-off Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals.

Thanks to Edizioni Star Comics, and in particular, Mari Nakagawa, we were able to sit with the two sensei and the editor Tetsuya Sato to talk about the genesis of the work and the characteristics that distinguish it from the My Hero Academia.

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MF: We welcome on the pages of MF to the sensei Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court.

HF, BC, and TS: Thanks!

MF: How and when is born the Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals?

TS: Hello! [in Italian – Ed.]. It is born from my idea, I wanted to create a spin-off of the My Hero Academia so I contacted first the sensei Betten Court. After that he accepted my proposal I put to the search of a writer and I immediately thought of the sensei Furuhashi.

After having received the two the positive response I contacted the sensei Horikoshi [the author and creator of " My Hero Academia – Ed.] who was very happy to learn that the drawings, there would be the sensei Betten Court, which is a fan for a long time.

MF: How do you proceed to the processing of the various chapters?

HF: Initially I put the script and design the storyboard with the sketches with the shots and the balloon. After that, mr. Sato approves the script and these storyboards, everything is passed to the sensei Betten Court.

TS: On the storyboard, I put my corrections and opinions.

MF: What is or what has been the role of the sensei Kohei Horikoshi in the birth and development of Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals?

TS: In the “storyboard” we are always looking for the approval of the sensei Horikoshi, who adds his ideas, and sometimes tells us what to remove. Each chapter is overseen and approved by him.

MF: Sensei Furuhashi, it is easier to narrate the evolution of a villain or a hero?

HF: at the base of Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals, there is the idea of the growth of the protagonist. To help this growth the villain are necessary...

It is difficult to distinguish, to make a hero fascinating, you have to put villain to the height.

MF: Sensei Betten Court, graphically, how do you get to the characters, the fights, the character design of Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals?

BC: my work has deadlines strict, but, luckily, in storyboard there are already sketches and directions on the figures, for example, and on the basis of these indications can make my work faster.

MF: Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals is seen as more “dark” than My Hero Academia. There is a different meaning of “hero”, which try to emerge from your work?

HF: The conception of the hero is the same in the two works, what it changes is the very idea at the base of the work. My Hero Academia is a shonen, a genre well-defined with its characteristics, for example, the protagonist must always be a good boy.

In Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals instead we can also explore the dark side of the characters, we can make them make mistakes, and the protagonist may not be as bright as that of a shonen and traditional, this darkness can make us reflect even more brilliant its light.

MF: What are your sources of inspiration? The comic western, in particular of the mold superhero, has played some kind of influence on you?

HF: Among the works of western surely Watchmen, by Alan Moore and The Return of the Dark Knight by Frank Miller of DC have been very influential on the setting of Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals.

Our protagonist instead is clearly influenced by Spider-man.

BC: I don't think I have been influenced by american comics, but the aesthetics of the films based on them

MF: have You ever thought about the possibility that Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals to become an anime?

HF, BC: We would love it so much!

TS: it also Depends on you... from Italy and from your support!

MF: Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals is serialized on the online magazine Shonen Jump Plus. Is there any difference compared to a serialization the traditional on paper?

BC: The reason why Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals is serialized in the digital it is because I did not deliver the episodes every week for the traditional journal paper.

HF: The digital, according to my personal opinion, it even manages to give a response more immediate with the public... sometimes encourage me, sometimes I give advice. Does not influence me of course, but it's nice to have a reply so immediate.

MF: AT what point is the serialization of Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals? You have already in mind a final?

HF: Work for objectives, I ask myself and I try to reach them. In the development of the story, though there are stretches or in different directions from those that I had thought.

Every time I would be halfway through... the second volume, I thought that four would have told you all, we are now at the sixth and I might get to ten... who knows!

MF: let's Close with a question from a fan: who do you think would win in a hypothetical clash between All Might and Knuckle Duster?

HF: it Would be exactly like a battle between Superman and Batman. A discount between a powerful and a simple human, but with so many strategies... I think in the end it would end in a draw.

We thank Edizioni Star Comics, and in particular Mari Nakagawa for the interview.

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