View newborn babies: that's when they begin to recognize the faces of the parents


Published on Sep 21, 2019


The new parents ask themselves often regard the views of babies and want to know when will be able to recognize their faces. Apparently in the first days of life the child is able to see the faces of mom and dad as long as they are at a distance of not more than 30 cm. Several studies have analyzed this aspect leading to very interesting results. We then discover some of the salient features related to the view of the infants.

A study conducted at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Oslo, Norway, and the University of Uppsala, Sweden, has made it known that a newborn can see the parents to a maximum distance of 30 cm. The further away and more the face of the mum or dad become unrecognizable.

It also seems that infants are even able to see the expressions of the parents. From the very first days of their life, the babies would be able to imitate the facial expressions of those who take care of them, always within 30 cm of distance. So, it seems already to newborn children have the opportunity to look at the face of the parents, as long as you are at close range.

To give some clarification in this regard is the research done at the University of Harvard, whose results were published in the journal Nature Neuroscience. Apparently about 200 days of a child's life, you develop the neuronal connections in the area of the brain dedicated to the recognition of faces and facial features. We see, therefore, how the study was performed and the results obtained.

The study in question was done on macaques. Have been taken into account, two specimens, one bred by people with masks that cover the face, and the other from their tribe. The choice of macaques depends on the fact that their brain is similar to ours with regard to the formation of aggregates of neurons in the area of the brain that takes the name of the Superior Temporal Sulcus. Depends on this area to our ability to recognize the faces of the people.

The two groups of macaques examined were subjected to magnetic resonance imaging at 200 days of life and found that the macaques reared by people with the mask had not developed the neuronal connections in the brain area ready to facial recognition.

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