Video cards AMD/ATI: drivers and resolution problems

Published on Nov 10, 2016

Our faithful video card AMD has decided to do a tantrum? We do not know how to update the driver? If you have any problem with the video cards of the house in Sunnyvale, you are in the right place. In this guide we will show you how to resolve general problems with the video card resetting, uninstalling or reinstalling the drivers and software tab.

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The first step that we can do in the event of problems with AMD graphics cards, is to try to restore a previous driver in the last update or even the video drivers out of the factory with the card.

To do this simply search device Manager on Windows 10, select with the right button on the video tab, and open the Properties menu.

Open the tab Driver and select roll back driver.

If the repair does not solve our problem, we can try to uninstall the faulty driver. We can use the item on the screen, we have already seen above (device Manager->video Adapter->Driver).

Or you can use the program Display Driver Uninstaller, valid tool to remove every trace of software or driver.

DOWNLOAD | Display Driver Uninstaller

Simply start it and use the item Clean and Restart.

Once you have made a clean sweep of the old drivers is defective, it is time to download a new driver. For AMD graphics cards we can use two methods to install the correct driver.

With this tool we will be able to automatically get the right driver and software for the video card. Great if you don't know what kind of video card is installed on your PC.

DOWNLOAD | AMD Autodetect

The software to manage the video cards from AMD is called Radeon Software Crimson Edition. There are two versions of the installer:

If we had problems with Radeon Software, it is advisable to install only AMD Minimal Setup, especially if we are not intending to do overclocking on the video card.

We can download both versions of the driver from the following link.


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