Very true once again the Meadows Gate but Pamela Prati is raging on social: “I Just have already been damaged”


Published on May 01, 2020


It seems that in the next episode of: "True", as announced by the advances on social channels, you will return to talk about the Meadows Gate. According to rumors launched by Dagospia, a year away at the beginning of the farce, also Barbara d'urso should return to the topic. If we Live we will talk about a famous case related to the secret identity of Mark Caltagirone, but it is certain that you will True.

And Pamela Meadows apparently has not taken well to the thing, so much so that on social has railed against the program. As often happens in the network, the post was then removed, but we will, of course, we saved all the good stuff to tell you the facts!

In the words of Pamela Prati on the social ( and then disappeared). But you know, the tracks on the web remain, and screen are made at the speed of light:

It's embarrassing, in a dramatic context, for the nation as this because of the Covid-19, in which there are issues really is the series to tackle, between people who die from the virus, the elderly deaths in the RSA, and many others that no longer have a job and do not know what to give to eat to the children, read that programs of a certain thickness and a national scope to correct a matter, to me entrusted to the judiciary offices – and their well-known, and also have the courage to tag me,

And yet in the second part of the post ( which you can see as a picture in the opening of this article):

Of course, I dissociate myself from so much sadness, moral, and the only consideration that remains for me is, of course, this is the only way that they have some programs to do a little share: utilizzarmi. But do not allow more. Get a life and dealt with topics useful to the nation. Enough of this ridicolizzazione media and instrumental to my person. Really, that's enough. People are tired of listening to crap and I even more to be a target of the media built by you, for you to obtain. I have already damaged particularly. Just.

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