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Published on Apr 30, 2019


Fans of Araki who are familiar with his narrative style, they also know very well, a bit like fans of George R. R. Martin, that it is better not to become attached too much to the characters that animate these works. We all knew that we had to wait for the death of one of our gangsters, neapolitan favorites, but this does not mean absolutely nothing to what we could see in the last episode of Wind in the Gold, which here you can find my passionate review.


What makes it particularly unexpected death of Leone Abbacchio is the incredible suddenness with which this happens: just a moment of distraction, due to the presence of a group of kids playing on the beach near the place where our hero is about to discover the real appearance of the mysterious Boss of Passion thanks to his Moody Blues, to sanction its inevitable end: Leone Abbacchio dies almost without a good understanding of what is happening in front of the terrified eyes of his fellow (dis)adventures with the chest smashed and pierced from side to side by a powerful punch, thrown by his enemy: for fans of One Piece it is not difficult to think of circumstances in which it is dead Portgas D. Ace, but there is more...

Even if the motivations of these characters are very different, both sacrifice their lives for a good that they deem superior, and both are able to perfectly not to ignore this expectation. However, a parallelism even more fitting to see as the second term of comparison another great protagonist of the Bizarre Adventures of JoJo: the never-forgotten Noriaki Kakyoin. Just like him, also Lamb succeeds in the incredible feat of providing his friends with important information regarding the enemy for a moment before dying: in the case of Kakyoin, the boy manages to leave a last message, which is received by Joseph Joestar, thanks to which, for him, it becomes possible to discover the secret of The World, the Stand of the supercattivissimo dio Brando, the father of our Day, Giovanna.

With regard to Lion Lamb,, his last gift to his companions and friends, and the dissidents is the image of the face of the Boss, impressed by his Moody Blues on the stone. So, although the Boss has succeeded in his quest to kill the only Carrier to Stand between his opponents can see his real face, arrived a moment too late. For this lack of timing (we're talking literally fractions of a second), now Bucciarati and the rest of his guys were in life and have discovered its appearance; an affront too great to leave it unpunished. But we know more thanks to the vision of the next few episodes of Wind, the Golden.

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo – Wind the Gold is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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