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Published on Apr 13, 2020


And’ the symbiont's most famous house Marvel, and is remembered in history as one of the stronger foes of Spider-Man. Venom is a formidable opponent for Spider-Man, conceived of as its natural antithesis, the man in the black suit made a debut crackling on the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #300.

Since then 30 years have passed, but the interest of the fans is still more alive than ever. Thanks to intelligent solutions narrative Venom has stood the test of time, becoming much more of the villain grotesque created by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane. In her first adventures to the symbiont is a villain.

As such, the new being born from the merger of Eddie Brock and the symbiont alien intends to eliminate the person who was made to suffer both: Spider-Man. The duo will be defeated countless times by the hero, and in each appearance, we will discover more and more about this monstrous being. Who is it? Why is all of this? And more importantly, is it really so bad?

In time, we came to know that Venom is not a character so evil. As the fate has been cruel to both of them, the Venom would not exist if there had not been one of the two. Now Eddie Brock and the other are inseparable... but has it always been so? How many guests have you had?

A safe number we do not know, but what is certain is that are many. Thanks to the latest run of the Donny Cates, we know that the symbiont is a creature from very ancient, probably as much as the same universe, but in the moment it finds the perfect guest game is done.

Having said that, we will review some of the most famous alternate versions and not for the symbiont. Curious about the list? Here are 6 alternative versions of Venom is a little different from the usual!

In one of the darkest moments of his life, Eddie Brock will get to the point of not being able to control the symbiont. The creature inside of him started to become more and more powerful by learning the human language, making Venom is extremely violent.

When Brock refuses to quench his thirst for “heads”, the symbiont will begin to change the biochemistry of the body of Eddie making this animal believe, into believing she had cancer, but unfortunately for Eddie, this continuous way to act will cause in him a true cancer. Upset by the aggressive behavior of the other, Eddie will sell to the symbiont to the Maggia.

The symbiont will join before Vincent Fortunato, the son of a boss of the Maggia, but after that the latter will flee from Spider-Man, the creature will slay the man only after a short time. The symbiont will find the most perfect union with Mac Gargan aka Scorpion. As Venom, the villain claimed perfectly to the violent instincts of the creature and becoming the submissive, in a sense, and joined the Thunderbolts by Norman Osborn.

A team that on behalf of the Avengers, he would have had to track all of the heroes are fugitives, and are not registered by the act of registration of superheroes. During a battle with Spider-Steel, Gargan will lose all control, devouring the arm of the poor hero in front of the unbelieving eyes of all. What characterizes this version? It is probably the most evil of all.

Suggested reading: We are Venom (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #7/8), Spider-Man Symbiont, Thunderbolts (Super-Heroes: the great sagas #46).

After the turbulent events of the past at the side of the Scorpion, the symbiont will be separated from Gargan to be studied by the army. Thus was born the Project Rebirth 2.0., a government initiative that incorporated the same purpose of the experiments before, one of the many they had given rise to heroes of the likes of Captain America (Weapon I), and Wolverine (Weapon X), the aim was to turn the symbiont into a weapon.

Several attempts were made and after the first volunteer was killed, the symbiont was given to a young Flash Thompson, the high school bully of Peter Parker. Flash is in fact joined the army and after the war in Iraq, he lost his legs, but decide to participate in the project. Unlike its predecessor, the boy will be able to control the symbiont a chance to regenerate his legs and acquiring powers similar to those of his favorite hero, Spider-Man.

After the merge with the Flash the costume of the symbiont manifest features completely new, covering the soldier's body like a real armor with spikes. This probably stems from the fact that Flash compared to his predecessors, was able to control the creature, transforming it into a hero. While when it loses control, the costume reverts back to the classic Venom is a monster always.

Recommended reading: Spider-Man Universe 1 (Amazing Spider-Man #654), Amazing Spider-Man – the Venom Inc.

In the period in which you separated from the symbiont, Eddie was still suffering from the cancer, he began to work in the F. E. A. S. T. and it is there that Martin Li, the manager of the centre and the alter ego of Mister Negative, he used his powers to heal him from a terminal illness. The process worked but because of the fragments of the symbiont present in the blood of Brock, the powers of Martin Li is merged with the symbiont, combining it with its white blood cells, forming a new symbiont: the Anti-Venom.

In this new version, the Eddie will have new, amazing powers, different from any other previous incarnation. The symbiont, in fact, manifest amazing healing properties and is able to create antibodies specific for the cure of every disease. Unlike the others, this symbiont appears to be devoid of a mind of their own, leaving control fully in the hands of Eddie Brock.

The symbiont was destroyed during the storyline “Spider-Island” in order to be able to use it as a cure for the virus that had spread throughout Manhattan, which had turned the entire population of spiders in humans.

Recommended reading: Spider-Man 510 “new ways to die” (Amazing Spider-Man #569), the Superhero – Myth # 25 | - Spider-Man: Spider-Island.

For a very short period of time, the symbiont was once again joined to Spider-Man, when in his body, there was the mind of the evil Doctor Octopus. At the time, the creature of Klyntar was with Flash Thompson, to make investigations in the role of Agent Venom.

During his hunting at the Crime Lord, Agent Venom will bump into Superior Spider-Man. Thinking they've found a friend, the Flash reveal his secret identity to find themselves attacked by the same Eight, that wanted to capture the symbiont at all costs. Spider-Man to succeed in a sneaky way to pull the symbiont, and this family, Peter, that you ribattezzerà Superior Venom.

From these stories we learn that Flash makes use of chemical substances to be able to control the symbiont, and can no longer live without, otherwise it would die. In addition, by binding to several guests, the symbiont became much stronger than the first time that he joined Spider-Man, making the hero even more aggressive. It would seem that Otto has held against his will, that the symbiont had sensed something different about his old guest?

Recommended reading: Superior Spider-Man 5 Marvel Collection (Superior Spider-Man #22/26).

In one of his adventures to the symbiont would seem to be joining the mercenary chatty, the latter wore the alien costume in the famous story Wolverine: Back in Black.

In the mini-series in question, we know that the symbiont after having been linked to Spider-Man has had another amazing guest, this before you even bind with the reporter Eddie Brock. After that Peter managed to tear the costume off, the symbiont takes refuge in the same church, until you will present a bounty hunter, a Killer Thrill.

Even without a new host to the symbiont will flee, until you get a nightclub where Wolverine was fighting against X-51 (Machine Man). The alien clings to Deadpool, giving him an enhancement, just in time to defeat the man-machine. In this version of Deadpool has the same powers as Spider-Man, the mercenary, in fact, will launch the cobwebs as his favourite hero and play to be the hero with his new black costume.

In spite of the events told in this story, there are still doubts about the canonicity of the same. As for Cullen Bunn, the story is absolutely canon and set in the Marvel Universe with classic, Donny Cates, producer of the current series of Venom is not deemed an official event. Who can we trust?

Recommended reading: Wolverine – Back in black.

Among the honorable mention this version do Venom has no connection with the previous




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