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Published on Oct 05, 2018


Tom Hardy becomes a sort of dr. Jekyl and an alien / Mr. Hyde in the new film by Ruben Fleischer, Venom, trying really poorly managed Sony of dog in the thin line that separates the movies of Marvel Studios the dark atmospheres that Warner already explored in 2009 with Watchmen and especially from the recent hyperboles rated-r that Fox has experienced with the franchise, and Deadpool.

Fleischer, famous director of Welcome to Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less, that comes back to directing after a mediocre Gangster Squad 2013, shows that he does not know which fishes to catch and try to go at the same time in all three directions (try to have fun as the Marvel movies, to be obscure as a film, Warner and also violent and unscrupulous, but staying within the boundaries of the PG-13), finishing, unfortunately, to remain absolutely immobile, bogged down in a storyline is inconsistent, a CGI clumsy and obsolete that seems to old of a decade (the design of Venom, but at least it works and seems to want to mix the agility of Spider-Man with the physical imposing than the Hulk) and especially in a story populated by secondary characters, nothing at all interesting, guided by a hand (Fleischer) lacks the personality necessary to instill charisma to a film which, unfortunately, simply does not.

Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock, an investigative reporter of the motorcycle with which he works in San Francisco, investigates the corruption that is rampant in the city and investigates the murders unsolved. To be dismissed when, by a subterfuge, driven by his ambition, will transform the interview with the billionaire Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) in a real complaint based on information stolen from the computer of his girlfriend, the lawyer, Anne (Michelle Williams). Also she is fired, and rightly, furious with Eddie decides to leave him.

Six months after mr Drake is obviously working on the testing of illegal denounced by the protagonist, thanks to the alien specimens recovered from a ship falling from the sky (no, it is not that Life – Not to go Beyond the Limit by Daniel Espinosa, which upon its release it was rumored to be a prequel to this film, although this film begins exactly as it did that). His goal, however, is to melt these symbionts extraterrestrials with human beings so as to trigger a new step in the evolution of the species. His collaborator, dr. Skirth (Jenny Slate), is absolutely not agree with the ruthless Drake, and then turns to Eddie for setting him up once and for all.

Then comes the Venom and the movie goes shot up at the end, not only showing the side of the numerous problems referred to above, and of the succession of events on the screen, rarely do we really care why focus on the characters more than sketched their own facts, and even something approaching a depth of character. What is certain is that you can't expect that a movie like this baste a psychological study on its protagonists, but that all (all!) is done without pathos, for a product that should be eye-catching, exciting and engaging as a film about a superhero (or anti-hero or the appearance of such) is really hard to accept. In most everything you see seems to already seen, with the structure from the classic origin story (prologue without powers, presentation of the villain, the obtaining of powers that are explained to the character and to the public, an action scene in the middle, and then a final showdown with the villain, who in the meantime has obtained powers similar to the protagonist) that in 2018 is now obsolete, not to say obsolete.

The only positive note to Hardy, who in the role of the dirty and unpolished, always gives his maximum, but wasted all the other stars, and only fails to stand on your feet all the fim, which could not claim to rely only on him, we will wait to see what will Woody Harrelson in the likely sequel.

Without a doubt, the palm for the worst cinecomic remains firmly in the hands of the Suicide Squad (but that David Ayer is one of the most bad movies in the history of cinema in a general sense), and at the very least, this film debut of Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters not shoulder strap never as they tracollati The Torra Black and The Mummy (a film that would have had to plant the foundations for future franchises that will never be built), but the Venom remains absolutely mediocre and unable to stand out within a genre are not only inflated, but that is also going in a very precise direction and especially the already well-established.

Fleischer wants to try to create a new road which is half way between all those we already know, but do not have the means or the imagination to succeed in this undertaking. Blame it on his or dogmatic PG-13 imposed by Sony, in the end, it matters little: the end result is far from what was expected.

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