Venom 2: confirmed the return of Tom Hardy


Published on Jun 22, 2019


It is no mystery that Sony is very satisfied with the public response of the movie-related Spider-Man: if Far From Home, already seems destined to be a hit of the season, also the first Venom has received the approval of the public and so it is not strange to think of a sequel.


Now, producer Amy Pascal, who care for Sony all the franchise linked to the Spider-Man (despite a recent agreement with Universal Pictures, which also binds to this study), has confirmed that Tom Hardy, thanks to the good work done, will definitely come back in the sequel (which, however, has not yet a specific date).

The manufacturer has also confirmed his involvement for the realization of the same Venom 2.

Venom has grossed more than 855 million dollars worldwide, a huge success for the first movie spin-off of Spider-Man from Sony. To the question about the origins of success, Pascal has said:

“Are a couple of things, one of which is that Sony has done an excellent job creating that franchise and giving it life and giving it its own world,” said Pascal. “Then there is Tom Hardy: when you think of Venom, you will never be able to think of no one other than Tom Hardy, and once you've seen Tom Hardy play this character, is everything that you needed to know”... “it Is so good, no one else can be that character”.

It seems that Hardy, therefore, will be with us for a long time, which should lead to the hope in a future crossover with Spidey in the near future.

In waiting for “it” with Spider-Man: Far From Home in a few days, on 10 July, in the rooms.

Venom 2: confirmed the return of Tom Hardy is




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