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Published on Dec 05, 2018


The release in cinemas of cinematographic film with Tom Hardy has undoubtedly rekindled the spotlight on the character of Venom, the former sworn enemy of Spider-Man, which now is managed to shake off the shadow of his opponent and to shine with their own light, thanks to the affection the unconditional of his (numerous) fans.

The strength of the Venom lies in the fact that it is not a simple monster, blood-thirsty, but a character much more complex and multi-faceted, perennially hovering on the line that separates the good from the bad. In these years we have had the opportunity to ascertain that both the symbiont alien that his human host, Eddie Brock, are not fundamentally bad, but it is often left to be transported by the events and their characters are very impetuous.

Initially, the hatred of the Arrampicamuri brought them together and strengthened their bond, but once you get past that stage, Brock has realized that she could use her gifts for good and to perform heroic deeds, as he will demonstrate in a still more marked "Flash" Thompson, one of the last guests of the symbiont.

This is why Venom, at least when it is related to its historical partner, Eddie Brock, you can't define a true villain, but even a hero in the round, considering his appearance disturbing, and no doubt moral and ethical code. But these are nuances, along with the dark aura that always surrounds it, to make it so charming and appealing to a public that never cross, maybe tired of the “usual” superheroes.

Last year, the House of Ideas has decided to relaunch the character with a new series dedicated to him, written by Mike Costa, who finally saw the reunion with the symbiont and its partner's most loved, Eddie Brock, after the long association with Flash Thompson and a brief interlude with the villain Lee Price, who has shocked not just the psyche of the alien...

Although the series was funny and enjoyable to read, you felt the need for a change of course, the most decided and powerful for the V-Man, that never, as then, he was living a second youth. That's why it's fallen to the bean the Fresh Start desired by the new editor of the Marvel comics C. B. Cebulski, who has provided the right opportunity to change the creative team and give more thickness to the cylinder head, focusing on one of the names currently listed for the House of Ideas.

The name in question is that of Donny Cates, already seen recently about Doctor Strange and the miniseries Thanos Wins!!, but their Venom has reached the pinnacle of his consecration, by sketching the series in the first places of the charts in the USA.

His insight is to examine, finally, the origins and past of the symbiont alien, after years in which attention was focused almost exclusively on the human host and not on this mysterious costume symbiotic, found years ago by Spider-Man on the planet Battleworld. It was therefore only right to do a bit of light on this creature, which is a fertile ground yet to explore and develop at the narrative level.

Cates reveals the backstory of not only the past of the symbionts, but also of the so-called Project Rebirth 2.0, which was part of Flash Thompson when he became the Agent Venom continuity so also to the more recent history of the V-Man. His tricks of the narrative are not forced and grafted perfectly into the mythology of the character, enriching it in an intelligent and ingenious.

The mysteries to be revealed yet there are many, and the writer develops them with wisdom, without finding all the cards and suggesting the curiosity of the reader. His story has tones very dark, with marked veins, the horror, which is inevitable when dealing with alien monsters from the sharp teeth, and are made very well from the graphic talent of Ryan Stegman, here particularly obscure in the stroke and less caricatured than usual. The shadows more pronounced, in fact, make for more realistic characters and scary alien creatures, in addition to marry perfectly with the mood of the script.

Venom is, therefore, one of the most promising raises of this Fresh Start of Marvel, already praised by audiences and critics in the States for which this number one is a must-read not only for those who love to be always the character, but also for those who want to approach it for the first time.

The head Rolls will continue on a fortnightly basis, showing the various mini-series dedicated to the symbiont alien. The cost, unfortunately, is not negligible, at least compared to our standards here in Italy (€3.50 for two stories ), but if you really have to make a choice, this is one of those series that deserve to be followed.

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