Vanni Snow Santoni and the Wildlings beyond the wall


Published on Nov 08, 2017


Castel Lucca happened a historical event. Vanni Snow Santoni has officially become the King of the Nerds and opened to the Brutes, the portals of the Barrier!

King of the Nerds! King of the Nerds!

With these choirs, rejoicing was greeted at Lucca over and over again JonVanni “Snow” Santoni, on the part of representatives of the kingdoms of literary in the south of the Barrier and of the Beasts of the Nerd always kept out of the mainstream because of a sort of real wall, moral, editorial, and social.

I allowed personally in front of him and I also wrote in the post about The Room Deep: my prejudice on Vanni Snow Santoni was to see in him a writer who was doing a little bit of the character and trying to win with a sort of captatio benevolentiae, the attention and the support of the world nerd, one of those hundreds of thousands of people, now also in Italy, which are approaching for some years in books, games, comics and tv series of the genre. The Nerd is out of fashion, and the Brutes kept from getting out of the Barrier can be useful against enemies even worse: the White Walkers the Unreaders fall into our civilization editorial and are about to destroy.

In short, I thought that was a bluff, a construct, an imposter came to reclaim the Kingdom of the Nerds from the deep south, without having the title, dynastic rights and the charisma to do it.

But Vanni Snow is not a wealthy Lannister, a sneaky Tyrrell or a blood Martell... really is half a Stark Nerd and half heir to the most main of the dynasties literary traditions from the mainstream.

In his veins flow and all those boring things from the literary circle – Proust, magazines, pages and pages filled with fuffa from reviewers puffed up and intellectuals out of time... true principles-necromancers valyriani-melniboneani, the last decadent representatives of a lineage sickly and forgettable, mating between relatives, and whose blood has become as transparent as water – on the true, and the bursting narrative of the Kingdoms Young: fantasy, science fiction, and horror, yellow, weird and fantastic in general... of which Castel Lucca was once the capital.

And in the end, Vanni Snow is not an impostor, and if there is anyone behind is kingmaking (the publishing house that, according to me, asked him to finish the Empire of The Dream-time, to take advantage of the long-wave de The Room is Deep and present the book to the Castel Lucca), he remains a true King, Bastard who can unite under their banners as the Brutes of the Nerd and the rest of Westeros.

– I've seen the man speak in aklo at a conference on Lovecraft, and defend the Solitary of Providence makes no mistakes.

– I've seen autographed books by writing in runes (and by adding the name of the recipient, if you suspect that she had learned to memory).

I saw him treat and discuss issues related to the fantastic in the other three conferences, beating without problems many small other King of the Nerds and the King beyond the wall where I came across these years.

– I met a real person (no perzona falza), who knows both the worlds -here and there the Barrier - and is a full member of both.

And then, I also support Vanni Snow as King in the Nerd and I am ready to speak of him to the Council of the Wildlings and sustain its special pleading for the iron Throne and the Republic of Letters...

Why Mance Ryder that he fought against the Barrier has united us all and was a great king. But Mance Ryder is dead.

And Vanni Snow could be the one that will make us pass over the Barrier, proving finally that the so-called wall between fiction genre and narrative tour cour does not exist... and that Nerds and Intellectuals are of the same race and they share a single enemy. Under her banners, Beasts of the Nerds, and Men of Letters may meet us at the common opponent that comes from the frost, and threatening to destroy us all: the end of the culture, the passion and the reading.

Because, my friends, the winter is coming.

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