Vanessa Hudgens in shape on the cover of Women's Health


Published on Apr 13, 2017


Photo via Women's Health

Vanessa Hudgens is the star of the new issue of Women's Health, a magazine dedicated to wellness and fitness to the female.

The actress posed for a photo shoot in which she shows her toned and slim while wearing outfits from the fitness.

For the Women's Health Vanessa has also that was released a’ interview where you will advance a few passages.

On her diet:

“Little fat, and zero carbohydrates. When I eat carbs later in the afternoon, I fall and I feel really slowed down. When you don't eat, instead, my energies remain constant throughout the day... From when I started with this diet I lost 4kg and a half in a month is a lot for my height.”

On performed in Greese Live! the day after losing his father:

“My father would have wanted. I thought I'd go on stage and do my best to keep the public well, but above all to be able to feel good myself.”

On the be increased of weight and cut her hair for her latest film, Gimme Shelter:

“I looked in the mirror, and I was not recognized. It has certainly been a journey into myself, and yoga has helped me very much.”

His tastes in fact of fitness:

“I'm very competitive when it comes to fitness. I like to have people around to be able to compete.”





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