Vanessa Hudgens apologizes after the phrases shock on Coronavirus


Published on Mar 18, 2020


Vanessa Hudgens has come under the scrutiny of the storm because of its phrases, the shocks on the CoronaVirus. In the choir of voices formed by experts, who spread the news that push the population to adhere to precise rules, and among those, even many artists of music and film, who are trying to give a positive message of hope on social, it emerges a negative and out of tune.

Is that one of Hudgens in a direct Instagram on her profile seems to have said “I look all of the big crap. I'm sorry, it's a virus, I understand that. I respect that. But at the same time, even if someone takes it... Yes, people will die and it is terrible but inevitable. I don't know, maybe I should not tell you.” Needless to say, these words have set off the web in the comments of indignation.

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Everywhere you read messages of the type “Someone is to say that it is a grave thing, that people die” and the other “The quarantine at the Hudgens hurts.” Even Chiara Ferragni wanted to tell her: “it's the wrong message to Vanessa”. Continuing Clear, that is working on the front line in this struggle against the spread of the virus explains that the problem is not the rate of mortality and infection, as the health care system, bent and unable to support the rhythms.

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Probably the rain of accusations and negative comments very strong have driven Vanessa Hudgens to offer an apology. “It is a crazy time, and are closed in the house. What I hope you are doing also you in quarantine and keeping safe and healthy. Yes, do not underestimate this situation in any way! I'm at home, then stay there, even you!”. In many on the social wonder if, instead of doing this quick turnabout, had it not been better for the actress more weight to the words that were spoken in front of 38 million followers!

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