Vampire the Masquerade: the pre-orders of Beckett''s Diary

Published on Jan 30, 2018

Fans of the World of Darkness, here's some great news for you!

He has just finished the Kickstarter campaign launched by The Onyx Path for the publication of a volume that many players of Vampires dreaming: the Journal of Beckett!

The Kickstarter campaign ended in a most positive and, even for those who didn't win the book with various supplements, it is still possible to pre-order the Beckett''s Diary. Unfortunately, for now, the only way to get the volume is in English, but we hope (a lot!) that some Italian publishing house seize the opportunity to publish this fantastic guide from the collection.

The Journal of Beckett will be a huge volume of 559 pages, and 30 chapters that cover 27 years of publications to refuse to receive the GdR Vampires. In fact, the Beckett's coast, which sells pokémon Diary will collect the entire theme of Vampires, one of the role-playing games the most played by putting the stories of the setting of the Manual of the Clanbook, Summaries, Guides to the different factions, video games (Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption and Bloodliness), and the publications of fan-made of the most interest.

A volume is immense, even more full-bodied edition of Vampire the Masquerade years, which will constitute a milestone for all the players and a most valuable help to the Master in search of inspiration for the chronicles, and the quests of the game.

Fortunately for you, you picked up a copy of my diary. With my help you take the first step towards knowledge. The information that is worth having is the information that you have to earn with blood, and... oh, how much blood has been spilled on these pages. –Beckett

Vampires is one of the role-playing games by setting more full-bodied, complex and fascinating. Playing Vampires, and not dress it up as a simple vampire of modern times, but you enter a world populated by the creatures of the night and their dark plots.

The first vampire is in fact the same as Cain, who was cursed following the killing of his brother Abel. But Cain remained for a long time only: soon, he created children, who are the progenitors of the main clan of Vampires in the role-playing game. From time immemorial, Vampires have been part of the company and of the historical experiences of human beings: wars, migrations, assassinations, financial meltdown. Behind all these important events of the Vampires of the World of Darkness had woven their plots, moved their pieces and concluded their arguments in the blood.

This full-bodied setting, which goes from the time of Cain up to the Last few Nights has always been reported in the several volumes of the game, but never in an organic way and complete in a single book. Now, the Beckett's coast, which sells pokémon Diary promises to be the piece from the collection that all of the players of Vampires were waiting!

What do you think? Have you ever played a campaign of Vampire? Please let us know!

Source: TheOnyxPath


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