Vampire the Masquerade: short-term available pre-orders of the Fifth Edition of the GdR!

Published on Apr 24, 2018

Important news for all passionate players of Vampires, one of the most popular and long-lived Rpg ever.

By the time the White Wolf, creator of the now famous World of Darkness, was working on the Fifth Edition of Vampire the Masquerade, a new edition of one of the GdR that has made the history of this area.

For several months, had not emerged news regarding the new manual, but the expectations of the fans have been rewarded.

Just yesterday, the White Wolf has announced that the manual has been completed and has initiated a partnership with the famous Modiphius Entertainment for distribution in English of the Fifth Edition of the manual of Vampires.

The communication on the social channel the official White Wolf reports that pre-orders for the new Vampire the Masquerade will be available starting from April 28.

Well, yes, between just four days!

Was not made known if the material will be shipped to europe, but to stay up to date on the pre-order we recommend that you consult the website of Modiphius Entertainment.

Vampire the Masquerade, Fifth Edition, abbreviated as V5, it is a great work of re-release for one of the role-playing games the most famous and well-loved.

The intimate horror typical of the setting of Vampires will be revived, but adapted completely to the world of the 21st century. This new edition will not only make it honor the setting of Vampires, but will continue with the metaplot up to the present day with new information on the dreaded Second Inquisition and the War of Ages.

With the aim of enter the Fifth Edition of Vampires within the varied world of the present of the GdR, the system of the game has received some modifications, to make it more palatable for new players, without, however, upsetting the historical fans of Vampires.

And for a return in great style, you could settle for a manual only? No, of course not!

The distribution of the Fifth Edition provides not only the basic manual, but also two more volumes, Camarilla and Anarch, a set of dice V5 official and a notebook for notes in the game.

All three manuals will be distributed with hard cover and full color and includes the release of a special edition full-Screen Narrator for those who will purchase the Fifth Edition via pre-order.

The official press release also reports that, after the pre-orders, Vampire the Masquerade, the Fifth Edition will be available in other languages by the end of the year!

I would not like to say anything, but... coff, coff... for sure here in Italy we will be ready to get very soon all this fantastic material for the many fans!

Players of Vampires... how high is the hype?!

Source: WhiteWolfFB

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