Valeria Raciti wins Masterchef 8: video and statements


Published on Apr 05, 2019


Is Valeria Raciti the winner of Masterchef Italy 2019: the eighth edition of the talent cooking show conducted by the four judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Joe Bastianich, and the new entry Giorgio Locatelli. In the final challenge – aired on April 4, 2019 – the sicilian is challenged with two other formidable opponents: the Glory Glama and the criticatissimo Gilberto Neirotti. To conquer the jury was especially the tasting menu, which (although it is not properly managed in all his course has seen a parade on the table of the chef's six-course dinner, one more of those requests from the race.

Valeria Raciti should be the title of the eighth Masterchef Italian, the publication of his first book of recipes and a rich prize of € 100,000 in gold coins.

Valeria wins MasterChef Italy!


Publiée par MasterChef Italia sur Jeudi 4 avril 2019

Valeria Raciti is a young man of 30 years, coming from Aci Sant'antonio (the town of 18 thousand inhabitants in the province of Catania, italy) and works as the administrative secretary.

His passion for cooking has started right from the start: in the biography published on the website of Masterchef it is said that his first connection with the kitchen regarding his very busy grandmother. “As a child, I was often by my grandmother and she was practically always in the kitchen, cooked for everyone, when my mother came to take back from work I had with me, almost always the gavettino with the dinner prepared by her.”

“Now I am the happiest person that exists in the entire galaxy“ – has declared a few minutes after its proclamation as the winner of the talent of Sky One – “I would Never have thought to fulfill this dream. I have always believed not to have anything more than the other and I think of you now. To Masterchef, I have only expressed my love, and my idea of cooking“.

“Masterchef has been for me a lifesaver”, – he added – “During the description of the menu end I said that Masterchef has made me understand that the kitchen can be my future and my life”.

Congratulations again to Valeria Raciti for his victory: curiosity want it to be to all intents and purposes, the first winner of the South of Italy in the eight editions of the programme.

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