Valeria Marini flirts with Ivan Gonzalez, but he is in the shower naked with a man (Photo)

Published on Sep 27, 2018

On the web are circulating of photos that portray Ivan Gonzalez naked with a guy

Without a shadow of a doubt that Ivan Gonzalez is one of the absolute protagonists of this first edition of " Temptation Island Vip. The beautiful Spanish, in fact, is losing the head-to-Valeria Marini. But in the last hours began to circulate rumors with photos about the former tronista of Men and Women in the iberian. A shot that could put in discussion his provocations with Valeria Marini.

The first rumor was launched from the portal, ‘Dagospia’, where Alberto Dandolo says that between Valeria and Ivan the sympathy would be over because of a makeup artist. Even if it was not revealed the identity of the latter, the journalist has hinted that he would have made inroads in the heart of Gonzalez.

Then it would seem that the tempter also like men. But the shot of the scene, it has launched the blog ‘BitchyF‘, where they appeared on some photos that show Ivan while she takes a shower totally naked in the company of another guy. All of this happened two years ago. And then with Valeria Marini? (Continued after photo)

The photo in question in a few hours, it became viral around the web. In addition, fans of Temptation Island Vip you are wondering which is the truth. The tempter who flirts with Valeria Marini is only a provocateur, or he's gay? Because otherwise the teatrino, a pathetic staged with Valeria would have no sense. But in the past of the former tronista, there is something else obscure. Men and Women in Spain the guy was chased away because the authors have discovered that you frequented with an ex tronista who went before.

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