Valeria Marini back to the Island of the Famous? The rumors

Published on Oct 25, 2018

According to some rumors it seems that Valeria Marini is ready to return to Honduras, and participate in the next edition of the Famous Island. Valeria Marini back to the Island of the Famous?

On the weekly Today in the section Pills Gossip appeared a rumor is very interesting on the showgirl star Valeria Marini. Fresh from a huge success to having participated in the first edition of " Temptation Island Vip, Valeria would have been much courted by the top management of Mediaset.

She speaks of a future role in a reality show. Immediately thought of the Famous Isle that will soon take off with the rudder Alessia Marcuzzi. As stated by the newspaper, however, the role of Valeria will be, not to drowning, but it might be the new reporter in Honduras. Next to his name, moving from a little bit of time on the web, even those of Francesco Facchinetti and Lorenzo Flaherty.

Valeria Marini in recent years has had great success taking part in more reality. The showgirl was a contestant of the Reality show Circus in 2006, he participated in the first edition of Big Brother Vip. It was to The Island of the Famous in 2012 and has returned as a guest star in the last edition.

Finally, it is the recent success we had at Temptation Island Vip. Valeria Marini has decided to participate with her boyfriend Patrick Baldassari, to see if their relationship could take a turn more important. It was not so, the two split and she started dating with the beautiful tempter Spanish Ivan Gonzalez.

Valeria Marini has had a lot of fun to the audience with her spontaneity and with his continuing interest in the food. Will be really you the sent to de Island of The Famous 2019?

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