Valeria Marini and Ivan Gonzalez are together: here comes the confirmation

Published on Oct 17, 2018

Valeria Marini, a veteran from the televised experience of Temptation Island Vip, has confirmed the story between her and the handsome tempter Spanish Ivan. Valeria Marini in " Temptation Island Vip

The famous showgirl has decided to participate in the first edition of " Temptation Island Vip with her boyfriend Patrick Baldassari to understand if their relationship was ready for something more solid. The adventure, however, did not end in the best of ways. Valeria Marini and Patrick Baldassari decided to leave. In the meantime, valerie has begun a flirtation with the handsome tempter, Spanish Ivan, in the village, has courted and conquered.

The showgirl has decided to release an interview with the weekly magazine Chi, Alfonso Signorini, in which he declared:

Ivan I like it, and I believe, I live, I feed off of love. I don't know what will become of us, but today is a beautiful attendance. Those who do not know me does not know, but I am a gullible. I dream of a family and dream to become a mother. No one can impedirmelo. Ivan is very young. We will see what will happen. I am experiencing the most beautiful period of my life also thanks to Ivan.

In the special episode of the Men and Women dedicated to Temptation Island Vip, had noticed a nice feeling between Valeria and Ivan. As it was noted, however, the strong dislike between you and Sossio'aruta. The showgirl during the journey to the island of the temptations has become a very good friend of Ursula Bennardo and, as a result, seeing her cry and feel bad for Sossio, has developed feelings of resentment towards him. Who the Valeria Marini has, in fact, stated:

The memories with my fellow travelers were all positive except Sossio'aruta. A man like this needs to stay away from me by light years.

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