Valentine's day, here are the best rates for each type of report!


Published on Feb 13, 2018


With Valentine's day is the perfect time to analyze the best telephone rates recommended according to the type of loving relationship. Find out what are the offerings that are perfect for every type of couple!

The study was conducted thanks, starting from the feast of St. Valentine. Have been considered, the main types of report and, for each, has been identified in the consumption profile most recommended. In general, a total spend of less than € 50 per month to contact the beloved from fixed and mobile. Anyone who spends more than this amount should carefully read the study to find hints and tips on how to save on Valentine's day, always remaining in contact with the partner.

For this study dedicated to the lovers, were detected 5 main types of loving relationship with the corresponding profile of consumption is recommended to contact the partner from the smartphone and fixed phone. Subsequently they were processed the costs for each profile analyzed by isolating the rates indicated activated in February 2018.

The study revealed that the profile of the consumer that spends the most is the one that lives a Distance Love. This type of report will cost about 17,19 euro to head to the mobile part and 31,87 € / month for the phone calls from home. This is because it is the profile in love the most, will consume time on the phone.

More economic, but nevertheless important, the costs for those who live an Love in the Family. For the mobile part, the members of this profile are found to spend on average 12,29 euro. For the "fixed" expenditure is equal to 31,87€. In total and on average each month in the profile spends about 44,16€.

Also, the Clandestine Love spends more than 40 euros per month to be able to contact the partner: 16,29 € for the mobile and 25,29 euro for the fixed subscription for a total of about 42 euros on average.

The love between the spouses provides for a cost-to-head, monthly about 28,10 euro: 12,16 euros to cover the costs of the requirements of communication by smartphone and almost 16 euro to get unlimited calls from home (the average cost to be intended as a unit for the spouse).

Love Teen is the one with the lower costs for the mobile part: 10,25 euros on average.

Clearly, rates are various, and there are several aspects that could push you to subscribe to one tariff rather than another, but there are still some of the essential elements for each of the profiles analysed:

To locate the deals best suited to your type of relationship is useful to refer to our comparator is realized in collaboration with SosTariffe.en.

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