Valentina of Men and Women in the storm: outraged by the sentences on the failure to comply with the rules


Published on May 12, 2020


In the episode of Men and Women that aired yesterday, may 11, 2020 aired a skit that we would have willingly spared, and that instead, despite the program is registered, was shown and not cut off. Even to criticize and to doubt the good faith of Veronica, in the middle of the studio talks about his history with John, you get to put into question even the rules that the Government requires us to comply with. The thing did not pass unnoticed so much so that, immediately after the episode, and in the next 24 hours ( as you can see for yourself on the social) Valentina Autiero was overwhelmed by the controversy and the criticism.

But let's take a step back trying to understand what happened in the episode of the Men and Women of the past.

Veronica explains that she and John were seen after the episode, trying to respect the rules of the distancing social, thus remaining at a distance in the parking lot of the studios of Channel 5. Valentina is not and does not believe that the two people concerned are able to think of not kissing, for example. Veronica reiterates its position: “I have a son at home, I fear.“ The lady does understand that not knowing what is the man with whom you are feeling, prefer for the moment to respect the rules and be more quiet. But Valentina continues to say that if she was in his place, would frigate of the rules, I would have taken the car and gone into the Hotel to find it. Veronica explains that lives very far away from the Tiburtina, and that he did not feel to do all this, in spite of the prohibitions.

The words of Valentina not have passed unnoticed so much so that in the course of the episode, many viewers were outraged of the fact that in front of millions of viewers, are let in messages of this type. And the controversies have moved then also on the profile from the Autiero, very attached to what happened.

At this point, the lady, feeling herself called in dance she decided to tell her his social and he said that he wanted to launch no wrong message. And also explains that apparently, all the protagonists of Men and Women are subjected to serological tests. Perhaps, however, one should remember that this does not mean anything, and that if there are distances to be respected in the studio ( where we see people dancing at a distance of one meter), it is not that then in the behind the scenes you pretend nothing happened and you is breaking the rule of distancing social.

Among other things, John and Veronica are not only engaged, not living even in the same city and the fact that the tests made before the episodes show that there is positivity, does not mean that they are free to leave around, to hotels, to do what you want.

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