Valdarno, killed his six-year old girl and then throws it into a pit


Published on Apr 21, 2020


And’ a news that will leave you breathless the one that comes from the province of Arezzo. A little girl of six years ( on some heads there is a different age, the small might have had for 4 years) was killed in Valdarno: this is the news that comes from the Levane ( a hamlet divided between the municipality of Bucine and Montevarchi). A few still have the information but it seems that the small was murdered by her father, which, he even tried to take his own life.

The episode happened this morning, around the village. At the beginning it was thought that the girl would fall alone into the pit and that maybe the father had thrown to save her, but instead, from the first reconstruction provided by the police, it seems that things have gone so different. The father of the girl, a bangalese of 39 years, he would kill her and then he tried to take his own life.

According to reports from The Messenger, the man would have used a pipe to kill the little one.

It all happened in the house: the house in which there were also his wife and the other son, who is ten years old and that it would have scratches in the face, but do not know if the fruit or less than an attempt of aggression, even towards her. Will the forces of law and order to establish that what happened in that house.

The woman is in a confused state and unable at the time to reconstruct what happened, nor the reason which has led the husband to kill the little one, a girl of six years.

When the rescue arrived, the man was still alive, for which it has been possible to slavarlo. It has been brought to the hospital in the valdarno of the Hanger, where it is guarded: it is not in a critical condition. Also the little brother of the baby was taken to the hospital where he receives the medical care he needs.

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