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Published on Dec 17, 2019


“A mask does not allow you to heal. The wounds need air.”

It is really difficult to find the words to express the feeling of abandonment and at the same time of fulfilment at the beginning of the credits of the last episode of Watchmen, the adaptation for television by Damon Lindelof for HBO of the comic book by Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore broadcast in Italy on Sky Atlantic.

A sequel to all the effects, in which, however, each item is stripped, deconstructed and reconstructed in the image and likeness of its author. A result, which stirs up surprisingly the cards on the table with the boldness which only Ozymandias could have.

Hooded Justice was black, Dr. Manhattan has chosen to be a black man in order to be close to the grandson of Hooded. In the end all of imparentanti in this serial because the bonds of the family, blood and not, those are more interesting if mixed with the supernatural elements of the fantasy and sci-fi, and give the sense of “inheritance” and “below”.

An old adage religious said that the sins of the fathers are visited on the sons; in the religion of Lindelof instead, children need to take a position by their parents, wanting to do better and more of them in the world. So Lady Trieu, the daughter of watchmen – a wonderful scene at the beginning of the insemination and the one in which there is revealed that Veidt has always been under our eyes, as well as Dr. Manhattan – and thus the grandson of Hooded.

It is the end of the season – in the reality of the series, given that it was designed as a limited Series by Lindelof and members – and so you have to pull the strings of history, even more than we could have expected from one like him. Really all the pieces find a place in the puzzle – the movie and the rain of shrimp in the first episode, the one who remembered them? – and some spiegoni also allow those who have never read the comics to appreciate a little vision. But there are also many references to the counterpart paper in this final – the password for the Story, Archie, the figure of the newspaper vendor, in this case color, to name just a few.

We find everything and everyone you meet – Laurie, Looking Glass, the senator, and the knots come to the comb, an interesting parallel with what happened in the comics.

Central to this end is the figure of the hero: the mask, its meaning, its goal, its motivations. Because being a hero today? Heroes like Alexander the Great? Heroes like the ancient Greeks and Romans? Heroes such as super man, the modern american?

Equally central is the philosophical aspect-the music. And came first the chicken or the egg? The author of Lost and The Leftovers, can give a new meaning and a new meaning to this age-old question and finally creating a new iconology for the Watchmen universe. It's amazing how the television counterpart was the one we wanted with respect to that film in this case. You could do a thousand other reflections on this final, who sings “I Am The Walrus” in the last sequences, reminding us, perhaps, that Lindelof doesn't take itself too seriously despite you delve deeper into the human psyche.

The frame the concluding of the Watchmen is loaded with meaning and that captures the essence of Lindelof: we don't want to have the answer, the important thing is to make the right question.

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