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Published on Aug 01, 2018


Shun Mizorogi is a famous writer who has just released his latest novel titled Utsubora. One evening he receives a phone call from the police informs him that a girl that he knew (had met her at a party his publishing house and then it was revised several times) is dead, and serves that he shall face recognition. So rushed to the hospital where he meets Mochizuki and Kaiba, the two police officers investigating the death of the girl, and Miki Sakura, the sister of Aki Fujino, a girl who died and is known by the writer, even if you still have doubts about whether she is dead from suicide, or violent death. After the recognition Miki and Mizorogi go for a drink together, and Miki tries to deepen the relationship his sister had with him. Slowly you will discovered various secrets that will make the story very complicated and full of mysteries.

Utsubora of Usumiko Nakamura is the third book in the exit series, Doku, Coconino Press, the editorial line that presents the best production, authorship and the japanese avant-garde and experimentation. In Japan all the chapters of the manga published between 2008 and 2012 on the pages of the prestigious magazine Manga Erotics F, were collected in two volumes. Today, the Italian publishing house has proposed only the first.

The most interesting thing in the volume of Nakamura is the construction of the story, which focuses on two pivotal events (the death of the girl and her first encounter with Mizorogi) from which unfold all the stories of the other characters, in a timeline of events that is not linear, but succeeds in arousing the curiosity of the reader, thanks to the clever use of time shifts, involving the audience in these time steps that fit the protagonists in the paths that they travel in parallel for each character. However, the council for a second reading of the volume, you will notice many details which, at first, had escaped.

In addition to a non-linear storyline, it has a cracking pace, succeeding the author to express completely the feelings of the characters, their doubts, their fears and their secrets. Not only are the writer and the girl at the centre of the story, but also the supporting characters have their own dimension, which enriches the character. Especially Kaiba and the editor of Mizorogi, Tsuji, have a great potential and a lot to reveal.

The style of Nakamura very elegant, with fine lines, and female figures are slender, while those of men are often massive, but thanks to the stroke of the designer maintain a certain lightness that characterizes them. The environments are rather bare, without unnecessary detail, focusing the attention on the characters of the story and their expressions, which in fact are the fundamental part of the plot.

The package designed by Coconino Press for the series, Doku, is really very elegant, with a double cover that is characterized by a sophisticated design that no doubt will jump to the attention of the reader to the volume in the midst of the dozen of manga at the comic store.

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