Use multiple Dropbox accounts on a PC

Published on Feb 21, 2018

Dropbox is one of the most famous cloud storage services currently available on the market, just like any self-respecting, has its strengths and weaknesses, first of all are definitely the space provided free of charge. Storage provided at the disposal can get around 16-17 GB, inviting friends, or maybe thinking up tricks (email fake or virtual machines for example) to simulate the recording of real users, and buy the 500 MB”a tribute”, but this is certainly a long process and tedious.

For this reason, many users feel the need to resort to the quick and easy way: to create multiple profiles where to store its files according to your needs (for example, an account for work, one for photos, one for the various files), but also in this case, however, they form a question: how to keep multiple instances of Dropbox simultaneously open on a PC? Let's find out together!


The simplest way to simultaneously access two Dropbox accounts is to use the Desktop program for the primary account and access to a secondary account via the browser (using incognito browsing). From the point of view of the functionality offered by the web site, it must be specified that these are the same as the ones offered by the desktop application, with a small penalty in terms of speed and immediacy in carrying out the various actions.

One of the things that makes it very useful Dropbox is the ability to share folders and files between the various users. Suppose we have a sub-account, and within it, are stored in the file, however, we want to share with the main profile on our Desktop, how do we do it? To share a folder we have:

At this point, you will be sent an email to the email address on the main account at the confirmation of the procedure and, to access it, you will need to click on the button Go to the folder.

The major disadvantages of this type of approach are two:

This then is not a recommended solution for those looking for extra space but, in certain cases, it may be a good solution for those who have multiple accounts (maybe for work).

Create a second user profile can be an interesting solution even if not very immediate. Specifically, to give life to this ruse, we must first have the administrator privileges to be able to create a new account (which, however, do not have the connection to the Microsoft account of the primary profile so that there can be problems between the two profiles Dropbox).

Once you have created the secondary account we will be able to access it without leaving the main one and to do this, click the key combination Windows+L, then select the secondary account. From the sub-account, we will proceed to the installation of the Dropbox Desktop and, after all the necessary configurations of the case, we will have a new profile ready to use. At this point we will be able to:

Then, as long as we keep the Windows account that the secondary connected with the program Dropbox, the file added or modified within this folder will be automatically synchronized with the web server. You can also create a shortcut to being able to access it in a faster way, of course renaming it in such a way as to avoid confusion with the Dropbox folder main.

To create a second instance of Dropbox on a Mac we will be able to use the program Automator (already present in the set of programs provided by the operating system). The procedure is the following:

This will display a new copy of the program Dropbox, which will allow us to log in with the secondary account. Before completing the configuration procedure of the program we have:

This script just saved we need to open it all the times that you have to sync the Dropbox account to the secondary.


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