USA, the suspect arrested for not having unlocked your iPhone


Published on Jul 16, 2018


In the United States is doing much to discuss the decision of a judge who has arrested a suspect for refusing to unlock his iPhone during a search of the police.

What started as a routine check-up, it is becoming a real case in the United States. William Montanez will now have to serve 180 days in prison for refusing to unlock his iPhone at the request of the police.

It all started on the 21st of June last, when the police stopped Montanez for a simple traffic offence. One of the police officers asked the man if they could search the car, but Montanez has refused. At that point, the police bring the drug dogs who immediately started to bark. At that point, the inspection of the car revealed a small amount of marujana, a weapon, and two iPhone 7.

Just on one of the two iPhone was in plain sight a message: “OMG, they found it“. This message was suspicious of the police, who have asked for permission to be able to control the iPhone. Montanez refused to give his consent, and the cops then asked for a mandate to the judge. During the hearing, the judge ruled that the police could not unlock the phones without explicit consent and, at that point, the prosecution asked the attorney, the defender and the accused to unlock the two phones taken as evidence. Montanez responded, however, that the phones were new and that she did not remember the password. After this response, the judge sentenced him to 180 days in jail for “civil contempt“.

The lawyer wanted to then release a public statement, to make everyone understand “what can happen to us“. The lawyer said that the police can arrest you for anything and, if they find a phone in your car, they will ask you to unlock it. And if you refuse because there are kept personal information, then the risk of going to jail.

Of course, the man was a prejudiced and had the marujana and a weapon in his car, but the defender is not legal, you can use the pretext of the refusal to the release of the iPhone to put in prison a defendant.

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