Usa: cancer, a new radiation therapy stabilizes the 98,5% of the cases

Published on Mar 26, 2014

A new radiotherapy has been shown to stabilize 98.5 percent of the metastatic tumors to the breast, helping to prevent the spread of the cancer to the liver. The treatment may constitute a second line of intervention after failure of chemotherapy. What is the law in the Northwestern University Feinberg, the radioembolizzazione Y-90 has shown to be able to reduce the liver tumors and to alleviate the painful symptoms, prolonging survival and improving quality of life. The study was presented during a meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology. Scientists have reviewed the clinical outcomes of the treatment of 75 women, with an age between 26 and 82 years of age, with breast cancer and liver metastases that are resistant to traditional chemotherapy. In the United States, there are each year 235 thousand new cases diagnosed of breast cancer of the invasive type, of which half will develop liver metastases.

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