Ursula Bennardo pregnant: Sossio'aruta public the first photo of the belly


Published on Mar 22, 2019


News boom from the last recordings of Men and Women. As you can see on the social media profiles of Ursula Bennardo and Sossio'aruta, documenting every moment of their day, yesterday, the two former protagonists of Men and Women, were in Rome for a recording of the program of Channel 5 and announced a news, really beautiful! Yesterday evening we have already told you, in our advances, dedicated to the world of Men and Women, that Ursula is pregnant! The companion Marx is expecting a baby and right into the recording of Men and Women of march 21, 2019, would be shown to the public of the Channel 5 to the first ultrasound of the baby that is being born! Ursula and Marx had already told to Maria de Filippi to feel this desire to expand the family with their own son. Ursula is already the mother of three other children and also Marx already has two children, had by a previous relationship. Now, however, it is time to expand the family and Sossio just yesterday, has published the first photos of Ursula and her belly.

When he posted the photo on Instagram had not yet been made official the news of the pregnancy but a lot of fans of Ursula had noticed the belly suspicion, coming, then, to hypothesize that the woman could be pregnant.

The tummy suspicion and then it was the belly of this fourth pregnancy for Ursula, who is preparing to become a mom again.

In the recording of yesterday Sossio and Ursula have shown for the first ultrasound of the baby, do not yet know the sex. Apparently they were all very excited by this announcement. Also Gianni Sperti who has never cheered for this couple, said he was happy and excited.

And Sossio celebrated this news with a story on instagram very significant: he is the Lion King, has heard the song The circle of life! You continue, go ahead, risboccia the love and soon the fruit of this great love. Best wishes to G. and Ursula!

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